The Nature of Doctrine: Religion and Theology in a Postliberal Age an understanding of doctrine that will aid ecumenical discussion, Lindbeck sketches in this. In addition to his account of the nature of religion, George Lindbeck also addresses the relationship between Christianity and other religions, the resolution of. Friday 16th November GMT – Sunday 18th November GMT: Payment facilities will be unavailable on Taylor & Francis Online during this period due.

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In his view, doctrines are It is the text, so to speak, which absorbs the world, rather than the world the text.

This view often then emphasizes similarities lindbrck religions because people across cultures have similar experiences. These norms, to repeat a point often made in this book, are like the rules of depth grammar, which linguists search for and may at times approximate but never grasp.

George Lindbeck, Nature of Doctrine Critical Review Essay | David Muthukumar –

Either we’ve been visited docteine we haven’t. If Karl Barth delivered a mortal blow to liberalism, Lindbeck nailed the lid shut on the coffin.

Working through this book for the second time I find myself asking the same questions that I brought to it six or seven years ago.

Note the subtle argument. A true classic, this book sets forth the central tenets of a post-liberal approach to theology, emphasizing a cultural-linguistic approach to religion and a rule theory of doctrine. This is a work that all theologians and advanced students should know. This has been one of the most formative books in my life. He is the author of several books, including The Church in a Postliberal Age.


Good reading for anybody who wants to enter to systematic or fundamental theology. Before it was theoretical, now it’s right where and how I live as a pastor. Religion and Theology in Postliberal Age Edition: It also addresses the need for a dynamic interpretation of the Text in the changing context.

Reframe theological discourse in such a way that it is possible to be relevant to contemporary concerns and culture while at the same time remaining faithful to historic Creedal Christianity. All humans have a feeling of dependence on something beyond, something transcendent. I had to read this in one sitting for class this week, so it’s entirely possible my confusion and issues with the work will be resolved once I’m allowed more time to digest and re-read portions that were murky to me.

While the liberal intention of making the faith intelligible to the culture makes sense and is attractive, it doesn’t allow the faith itself to speak. Religion and Theology in a Postliberal Age. Nov 30, James Prothero rated it liked it. But, I’m not convinced that Lindbeck is entirely successful.

Other editions – View all The Nature of Doctrine: I should have read this book a couple of years ago. MUCH better the second time around!

The Nature of Doctrine by George A. Lindbeck

Having read it once before, I found the second time through to be very helpful. Return to Book Page. Theology then is not really about God or Jesus, but how God or Jesus is perceived by this or that church. The Nature of Doctrine: Austin linguistanthropology, and sociology.


Lindbeck’s system is by no means air-tight not self-evident, and he hints as much. Not an easy read, but certainly the right place to start for a nice introduction to postliberal theology.

There’s lots that I like about postliberal theology, despite the ‘pop linguistics’ in this book, and the feeling it’s not quite capturing the essence of faith. Westminster John Knox Press- Religion – pages. This or a very important book.

He discusses two different approaches to theology. A true classic, this book sets forth the central tenets of a post-liberal approach to theology, emphasizing a cultural-linguistic approach to religion and a rule theory We speak specific languages, which we learn naturee which help form us.

The Nature of Doctrine

Thus, Lindbeck’s postliberal or cultural-linguistic theology must be supplemented, I think, ths make it a thicker and more grounded way of doing theology. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If the conception of Augustinian original sin demands that Mary as theotokos should be sinless then it is affirmed, else it is reversible.