Michelle Dean writes about Vera Caspary and her novel “Laura.” She was a “ career girl” avant la lettre and never seems to have pictured or. Vera Caspary wrote thrillers — but not like any other author of her time by Caspary’s device, as does the Brian De Palma film Obsession. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Noir in a nutshell” — Anthony Lane * New Yorker * “A sleek, Laura (Vintage Classics) – Kindle edition by Vera Caspary. Download it.

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Refresh and try again. When she and Lenihan weren’t present, the producers even rewrote the play themselves.

A Look at Vera Caspary’s ‘Laura’ (1943)

He has recently recovered from being shot, and so not only is he gaining a reputation for being smart and creative, but he has also proven his metal as casparyy.

Second, she delivered a stylistic tour de force. By the end of her career she died inXaspary had written eighteen novels, countless stories, plays, screenplays, and treatments from which twenty-four movies were made, including Joseph Mankiewicz’s Letter to Three WivesFritz Lang’s The Blue Gardeniaand George Cukor’s Les Girls Moving back to Chicago, she co-wrote the play version Blind Mice with Winifred Lenihanwhich would feature an all-female cast and would form the basis for the film Working Girls.

I didn’t think the killer was completely obvious, and the doubts and revelations were very much a cadpary until the end. I drank in every word of this book. It was finished by October, and to get some perspective she went lauta work on a story about a night plane to Chungking for Paramount Studios. A nice, melancholy noir, given from several well-defined POVs.

I watched the movie first and felt that the twist was not only handled well, but was so deliciously shocking. View all 27 comments. Apr 29, TJ rated it veta liked it Shelves: The play was disastrous — Caspary’s inexperience with the process caused her to take everyone’s advice, altering the play’s text constantly.

She was hounded by the Vrea witchhunts for her communist leanings, and published an autobiography, The Secrets of Grown-ups in There is also Shelby Carpenter. Vera Caspary wrote thrillers — but not like any other author of her time, male or female. And I made myself think of Waldo dutifully; I thought of the years we had known each other and of his kindness.


Vera Caspary

Each of the men provides a view of her that, along with the other two, give a picture of who she really was. McPherson has somewhat of a celebrity status within the department due to some front page cases with which he has been involved. Morehead State University, January 31,pp. Laura by Vera Caspary.

lauar Each represents a different personality in his approach to women in general — from conventional to manic. The big screen adaptation of “Laura” is much better known than the book.

Colliers lajra, serial ; Houghton Mifflinbook. Why do Waldo’s fictional books have such odd titles? Detective Mark McPherson sees a lot and keeps his own council, most of the time, but even he gets rattled by the airs Lydecker assumes: Retrieved from ” https: She would not see him again for thirteen months. Independence is the casary to her protagonists, with her novels revolving around women who are menaced, but who turn out to be neither victimized nor rescued damsels.

Womanhood itself gets examined in this story. Caspary wrote twenty-one novels, including Bedelia and Stranger than Truthbut Laura was her first major success. Read the rest of the review at www.

I have owned three editions of it. Sep 09, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet, Laura alive is even more fascinating than her portrait to detective McPherson, who is seduced by their similar histories of humble origins and becoming a self-made professional in a hostile city. During this time Caspary started tinkering with a murder mystery, but instead of laurs an original story for the screen she was encouraged to turn it into a novel.

Feb 13, Algernon rated it really liked it Shelves: It was while working in Austria on the musical adaptation of Daddy Long LegsCaspary learned she had been added to ve gray list and told to abandon the project.


Laura (novel) – Wikipedia

Laura, the lovely heroine. The quality of the writing, the subtlety of the changes in narrative style and the surprisingly biting critique of the ‘American Dream’ – all these made me wonder why Vera Caspary is not better known, more widely read?

She had no secret fortune, no hidden rubies. Csspary contrast, Waldo is the hero who could not be a hero. This classic mystery-romance is sometimes overshadowed by the magnificent film it spawned a couple of years later, starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. Zafiros en ds piel. The style was that of her character Waldo. Often, the chasm between book and silver screen will laufa the fan firmly in one camp or the other.

If you had appeared before the HUAC committee and refused to name names, you were blacklisted, if your file indicated that you had signed pledges, attended congresses or contributed to doubtful causes, you were graylisted. His chapters take the form of an official police interview, in the presence of his attorney – from which we can deduce he is one of the suspects in the crime.

I felt sick within myself, ashamed of hysteria and weak shrinking. When her mother fell ill, she took still another job writing a Charm and Beauty correspondence course. This is one of my all time favorite mysteries.

Murder is the city’s best free entertainment. And you feel the suspense in every scene: My Laura knew how to love, enjoyed more than one lover, and enjoyed her lovers lustily. In Marchshe again quit her job to write full time, and her novel Music in the Street would be set in a working girl’s home. Her work on a new novel was interrupted by preproduction on the doomed stage version of Laura.