Sold Kontronik ProgDisc Aircraft – Electric – Power Systems (FS/W). SOLD – Kontronik PROGDISC. I bought it last month thinking I needed it for setting up my Heli Jive. The box has been openned and that’s it. The KOSMIK can be parameterized using the KONTRONIK PROGDISC. This allows to change individual parameters and helps to adjust the KOSMIK to your.

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Achten Sie darauf, dass der Drehzahlsteller gleichzeitig an einen geladenen Antriebsakku angeschlossen sein muss. Nach 15 Sekunden werden Sie automatisch zu Punkt 6. Konrtonik aktuell eingestellten Parameter auslesen 2. Einzelne Parameter programmieren 3. Die aktuelle Einstellung wird am unteren Rand des Grafikdisplays angezeigt.

Konronik Stern markiert die derzeit aktive Einstellung. Verhalten des Drehzahlstellers bei leerem Akku. Der Drehzahlsteller kann entweder abschalten oder abregeln. Abschaltspannung Einstellung der Abschalt- bzw. Das Timing kann hier angepasst werden. Drehzahlregelung Schaltet die Drehzahlregelung z.

Hochlaufzeit bei Drehzahlregelung Stellt die Hochlaufzeit des Motors bei aktivierter Drehzahlregelung im Bereich von Sekunden ein. Reset Versetzen des Drehzahlstellers in den Werkszustand.


Dabei sind jeweils 0,2 V Schritte einstellbar. Drehzahlregelung Die Drehzahlregelung ist eine komplexe Regelung, die durch viele Parameter beeinflusst wird. Damit ist der neue Neutralpunkt gespeichert. Der folgende Bildschirm wird angezeigt Der Ablauf der Konfiguration entspricht den, unter 6. Achten Sie dabei auf die Einstellung des Neutralpunktes! Bei Bedarf kann dieser Vorgang wiederholt werden.

Bei Einsendung ist eine genaue Fehlerbeschreibung notwendig.

Kontronik PROGDISC – new – RC Groups

Beratung, Technische Hilfe, Hotline Hotline: Folgende Fachgrundnormen wurden herangezogen: EN Rottenburg, Canting to the left, i.

Canting to the right, i. The ESC can only be used in environments in which no discharge of static electricity occurs. While connecting the ESC to a battery pack enPrevious menu item sure the correct polarity of the connection! Note, that the ESC has to be connected to a charged battery. Without connection to a charged battery no adjustments to the ESC can be made.

After progdiac information will be visible on the color display 3. The factory setting for the menu language is English. As soon as the ESC is connected you arrive at the next menu by enter.


Kontronik PROGDISC

Online updateable ESC set up the electronic connection automatically. After 15 seconds you will be forwarded automatically to point 6.

For online updateable ESCs this choice is not necessary.

Please refer to the manual of your ESC whether it is online updateable. Navigate the menu bar to the configuration option of choice and confirm by pushing the confirmation button or cant right. After choosing the configuration option you arrive at the main menu. From here you can: Read-out actual parameters 2. Program individual parameters 3. Adjust system settings 4. The setting is displayed at the lower end of the display.

An arrow on the left side shows whether the menu is continued in any direction. The submenu Current Parameter does not allow changing a parameter.

To adjust a parameter navigate the menu-bar to the respective parameter and enter. You arrive at the submenu of the parameter and can choose the desired setting. An asterisk marks the currently active setting.

Confirming or enter of marked menu items leads to storing. Repeated enter allows new adjustment. Here the Timing can be modified. Additionally, the corresponding sender has to be switched on. Entering fixed stick positions leads to the following submenus: Set Motor Off Position Defines the stick postition for motor off. For adjusting set stick to desired position and enter.

Set Full Gas Position Defines the stick postition for full gas. Set Brake Position 6. Switch on or off of integrated EMF brake. Reset Battery Type Resets all parameters to default.

The ESC can either shut down or slow down. Cut Off At Adjustment of the shut down or slow down voltage. If the voltage of the battery falls below this point the ESC either shuts down or slows down the motor power. Default value is 5. Brake strength Allows the rough and fine setting of the brake strength. Fine tuning is possible in 2. The exemplary change of a brake strenght from An asterisk marks the current setting. Reversion of Rotation Allows changing the rotation direction of the motor without changing the cables.

Hold At activated Hold the current ooperation status will be held constant for 0. After connecting and starting again you can proceed with programming the respective mode. Here, three of these factors can be modified. Smoothing The smoothing of the control curve can be increased or allayed. I-Part The integrale part of the curve can be strengthened or allayed. P-Part 14 The proportional part of the curve can be strengthened or allayed. Changing the neutral point makes sense, if for example external influences make reading the display hard.


This stores the new neutral point. The menu bar reacts now to changed angle position relativ to the new neutral point.

The user is directed automatically to the main menu and can change and read out all parameters. The procedure equals the one described in 6. Please refer to the manual of your ESC which parameter can be modified.

Please note the current neutral point! The screen below is displayed. This procedure can take around five to six seconds. Afterwards let the button loose again.

The update mode is confirmed by changing red and green LEDs. Cllick on the button Update to install the new software version.

After finalizing the update the application closed automatically. This procedure can be repeated if desired. Warranty for purchases made outside the EU is inline with the respective legal regulations. This warranty does not cover: Our warranty liability shall be limited to repairing or replacing the unit to progfisc original specifications.

Because we have no control over the installation or use of these products, in no case shall our liability exceed the original cost of the progdsic.

To accept guarantee the original bill on which the product the date of purchase and the dealer is named must be sent together with the product.

Also a detailed fault description is necessary. Do not forget to indicate your correct address for sending the item back. Service, Technical Support, Hotline Hotline: The following fundamental standards were used: Recycling Electric components may not be disposed with domestic waste.

They should be disposed properly and environmentally safe after their service life.