Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper is one of my all time favorite effects in magic. At any time, you can have a random spectator name any card. Search. Home ยท March 25, | Author: ronald | Category: N/A. This is a Review of the Penguin Download for Kolossal Killer This is a solid trick. The spectator names any card. Totally free choice. You then.

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Pablo Performer and Author Mentalism Center: Killler will warn you though Will put my findings on maybe tromorrow after watching it. Nowthe truth is I just guessed people and I luckily hit 3 people so those are in my video. He told me it was called Kollasal Killer and that it was nearly impossible to find.

You can put one envelope on the table and start the effect. Its effect and method are legendary.

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I waited patiently for over a month, asking him every time I saw him. Vietnam VeteranSgt.


His explanations are thorough and clear. Ask a spectator to name any card! Marked Cards reviews. Once again I feel conned by the edited video if I had seen the complete trick with the alternative ending I would not have bought this I’m glad i didn’t pay the full price.

MinSting Regular user Spain Posts. Again only guessing, but the original Manuscript had a full discussion on the effect, most magician’s who use this effect, only use the simplest from of presenting it. Mike Donoghue Waiting with baited breath Glad a classic like this is getting some dust knocked off it for the kids to see. By that time, I was using it regularly. AND you will receive complete routines, right out of Kenton’s act. Questions about this product.

You can spend it on anything kiler like at Penguin, just like cash. I bought the original wallet many years agop when it 1st came out but for the price I took the plunge to see what these two guys have added to it incidently I never used the original version in close up events. View our magic tricks index. Dont bother with this one. In this case, they only show you the best case scenarios in the trailer. It lasts less than two minutes, can be performed surrounded, and has a difficulty level of about 5 on a 1 to 10 scale.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper presented by Nick Locapo

We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Magic KL Inner circle Posts. What’s a good wallet to buy for this effect?

Michael Zarek Special user Sweden Posts. The inside of the wallet can’t be shown to spectators. View our Frequent Questions.

Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. He destroys with it all the time. However, for the price it’s worth a view.