Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These. Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring – Kahramaa. Views . Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation – Kahramaa · qa. L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been.

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Receiving and studying applications for building permits.

KAHRAMAA implements first electricity substation for Q-Rail

Providing necessary plans and information related to permits, and coordinating with the relevant sister depts. Keep on trying to make the procedure of granting permits easier and faster, and improving the performance of the representatives of different agencies involved in the complex. Supervising and helping the employees of different agencies, working in the complex, for their best coordination and output.

Preparing periodic reports about the number of applications and number of permits issued etc to update the relevant Government authorities and agencies.

Estimate fees for building permits. Collection of fees fees to open a file, Permit fees. Study permit applications small additions and Permit.

Study permit applications hedge land and the issuance of Permit. Study permit applications maintenance of the buildings and the issuance of Permit. Study permit applications modification procedure and issuing Permit.


Reguation destruction permit applications and issuing Permit. Study temporary license applications and issuing Permit. Certification of completion of construction after the completion of the special requirements.

New water, electricity rules for fresh projects in Qatar – Qatar News Doha

Study permit applications and issuing Permit advertisements. The violation committee to decide matters relating to violations of building permits. General Regulagion of Civil Defense: A copy Of Qatar Civil Defense requirements is split into two documents, the first one containing the guidelines and the second one is an Annex.

Both documents are provided below. Copy of commercial registration with activity approved by SSD.

can any one tell me the requirments to get kahramaa licensed?

Copy of project contract. Detailed drawing of cameras locations for each floor.

Detailed schematic diagram drawing of system. Technical specification of cameras and security system devices. Copy of maintenance contract or periodical services level agreement SLA if available. This book is dedicated to facilitate KAHRAMAA communications with professionals’ consultants, contractors, and customers with regard to internal water installations.

The PWA is responsible for e,ectrical public foul sewerage, surface water and ground water drainage systems in the State of Qatar.

Focused Recruitment

All applications for sewerage and drainage for servicing new developments are subject to approval by the Drainage Affairs as part of the Building Permit approval procedure before such facilities can be built. A house connection is defined as the connection from a development comprising domestic, commercial, industrial, institutional premises, etc to transfer foul flows to the public sewerage system. For every house connection, a terminal manhole Manhole Number 1 — MH1in accordance with the Standard Drawings, should be provided and should be positioned as shown on 3.

  BS 5628-3 PDF

The terminal kahhramaa should normally have maximum depth 1. The depth of first Inspection Chamber should be 0. Construction Layout DWG 3. Proposed location of Fuel System incorporated in the layout 4. Detail drawings of the Fuel System 5. Detail data of all Fuel System Equipments 6. All related materials and equipments shall be procured through Woqod. Approved Contractors List 8 Nos.

Guideline for Plans Submission. Any Application has to be contained the following requirements: Full proposed design details including; Architectural, Location plan, Structural plans, Sections and Elevations with QND 95 levels noted on all drawing, including the loading design and foundation details. In case of a design change or make additions regulaiton amendment to the design, New NOC application has to be submitted to Qatar Rail.

This page location is: Road and Drainage Networks Design Dept: