Public relations a wizerunek organizacji non-profit. In: J. Altkorn (Ed.). Podstawy Marketingu .. Raport z badań: Co firmy sądzą o Jerzy Choroszczak*1. jerzy altkorn wizerunek firmy pdf merge. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for jerzy altkorn wizerunek firmy pdf merge. Will be grateful. wadzone badania wykazują, iż firmy usługowe posiadające certyfikaty jakości Jerzy Altkorn .. Taki wizerunek jest powszechnie wykorzystywany w kre-.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Bogna Zakrzewska-Skorupka Cover design: Wydawnictwo i Drukarnia Nova Sandec ul. Talent Management Based on Statistics. The 14th volume brings an analysis of current phenomena and processes taking place in business and non-profit organizations. It points at new conditions in which organizations are established and then function. It also provides an wizeruek at explaining what determines the way organizations function in a dynamic market. The book is divided into the following thematic sections which constitute the construction base of this monograph: The first part includes articles presenting problems of organization, as the research object.

Hence, considerations on fundamental dilemmas faced by management occupy an important place ; conditions and possibilities of creating a communication altkornn with the public by public administration institutions; the signs of organizational pathology zltkorn companies wholly owned by the state treasury and conditions of organization and performance of firjy training services companies. In the second part we find articles referring to the tools used in management and other areas.

The following concepts have been discussed: In addition, reference is made to the popular concept in recent years, i.

Wizerunek firmy – Jerzy Altkorn – Google Books

The last article in this section refers to the study of the role of creative approach, to constituting added value in the organization, of employees working in small creative businesses of Lower Silesia. The third section is a collection of articles related to financial aspects of managing organizations.

Presented here is an interesting article on the usage of statistics in sport clubs players management and its possible transfer to talented employees management, as well as those discussing the operation models of municipal companies of local public transport and weighted coefficient model for bank investment wizwrunek optimization.

The monograph wizerunel with considerations altkrn to global and regional aspects of the functioning of the economy and the organization.

Another, concerns the study of the relative altkrn of selected commune gmina offices located in Nowy Sacz, Jersy and Gorlice Poviats. We wish to express gratitude to the Authors of these articles, whose contributions shaped this monograph. We also thank all the Reviewers for their willingness to share their expert knowledge and experience with the Authors, along with substantive support. We believe, this commendable effort and altkirn results in attention to the high quality of the publication.

In the alrkorn such theoretical dilemmas of creating knowledge about activities in management area can be found: Introduction If knowledge about management is scientific, it should complete the general definition of science which is understood as a competent system of phrases possible to be justified, which is used to gain and order, in some respects, the learnings about the determined field Keller, altkorh, p.

The knowledge is being created by examining the world, but this kind of studying is a cognitive process. Cognition is a state of information on a given matter Firmyy,p. The aim of the paper is to present the most important epistemological dilemmas in the research within management studies such as: The research method was developed through the analysis of the 1 Ph.

Bytkowska 1b, Katowice, e-mail: Due to the theoretical character of the paper no research hypotheses were stated or verified. Cognition in academic studies In management studies and many other academic disciplines an epistemological approach derived from the analytic philosophy is accepted.


Russels epistemology intended to be a combination of logic and natural cognition because the structure of the logic language is isomorphic with the structure of the world Voordijk,p.

Husserl claimed that the right theory of cognition cannot be naturalistic and it cannot as well be built over the philosophy, which was another maneuver of the naturalists Husserl,p. Ingarden was also an adherent of phenomenology but the one called realistic phenomenology. He was in favor of the theory of cognition totally independent from the outside conditions Ingarden,p. Husserl described the same phenomenon by these words: I can admittedly consider what kind of being it is and in what wizerunem its way wizerunej existence is to the others, … and I can … lead to watching the watching itself, in which the given being is constituting ….

But the whole time now I am moving on absolute ground: Midgley refers to Popper and claims that the basis of any epistemological actions is determining objects in a given reality with certain features: The firm event has been used by Popper as one kind of fact which is possible to be recorded. This statement means that every event must be possible to be observed and what follows the basic statements must be intersubjectively verifiable through an observation.

The result is that to call the cognition of the organizational reality academic it has to be considerably divided from the observer researcher McGuire,p.

Another approach to cognition — rationalism — combines the cognition and empiricism and results in an approach that cognition is possible to be done by senses Fawcett et al. Such simplification would suggest that in both approaches the way of cognition is limited to the one of aforementioned Gottfried,p.

However, all sensual impressions fiirmy be treated alike in the perception of reality Deutsch,p. It is an irrefutable fact that the people are small creatures with some inaccurate and incomplete channels by which they gain the full information about the outside world Deutsch,p.

Summarizing, there are many altkotn approaches to human cognition.

Management science is based mostly on empiricism. This fact has a great impact on other issues in management epistemology. Firstly, it is necessary to understand the essence of a phenomenon or an object which is going to be examined.

jerzy altkorn wizerunek firmy pdf merge

Secondly, it is also about setting the components and relations between them. Thirdly, the synthesis of these elements and their relations must occur to make an entirety that becomes a conceptual object to research.

Questions and answers The cognition in academic management studies is made by questions asked in a specific language Midgley,p. Wittgenstein claimed that the solution or a complex description of the world is correct and can be made by the logical analysis by reaching elementary sentences Gottfried,p. Wittgenstein assumes that the language is used for building the sentences about the world of facts Day,p.

At the same time he creates a uniform logic structure. Wittgensteins logic is a logic of sentences and predicates.

Logical sentences are associated with logic atomism by Russell Gottfried,p. There are certain assumptions hidden in every question Bendixen et al. They are hidden in the sentence part and as well as in the concepts and the basic words referring to them in that part. In the context of wizdrunek considerations about the languages influence on building academic theories in management studies it is worth to show the influence of the conventionalism on research results El-Diraby,p.

Popper wrote that if someday it turned out that the researchers doing the observation cannot reach the agreement concerning the basic sentences it would result in a discomfiture of language as the jerzj of common communication.

The new Babel tower wizerhnek come into existence: Similarly as GottfiredPopper considered conventional character of the basic sentences trying to investigate if they can be accepted or rejected to the same extent. Schlick was talking about the observative sentences.


Carnap and Neurath called them the protocol sentences Gottfried,p. These sentences should have the status of findings, not academic theories. Carnap added one more feature: This raises consequences for an inference in management studies. Namely, there cannot be a complete certainty about the truth of the sentences predication based on the organizational reality.

Additionally, Popper denied the possibility of accepting synthetic general sentences, which causes the necessity of avoiding generalization in management studies Gottfried,p. It can be concluded, that every synthetic sentence generalization is assumed to be less probable than the basic sentence. A qualitative and quantitative approach The next field of dilemmas wizerjnek a dominant approach in wizerunrk of management research.

There are two main options: The qualitative approach in management studies has already a few decades of history Blackler et al, During the recent years its meaning has been raised in the literature Lee,pp. Some authors emphasize the real importance of the qualitative methods in academic research firmt organization Cassel et al. The qualitative methods are not better from the quantitative ones, they fjrmy just different Cassel et al. In the interpretative approach the researcher … is some kind of an interpreter of the meanings ….

The main stress is made on an interpretation of the phenomena in the organizational reality Dilley, jery, p. The description itself is not so important anymore Gordon,p. It is also a ground for a conflict between management studies and so-called economic praxis Fir,y et al.

In the qualitative approach a measure of quality of the research is the control of subjectivism by an intensive autoreflection of the researcher Dilley,p. However, this sentence suggests that in the interpretative approach there is a hidden contradiction Fawcett et al.

On one hand, the interpretation is subjective as the word interpretation itself indicates. What is interesting, the representatives of the qualitative approach blame positivists for seeking the truth.

Despite the assumptions of objectivity the real impediment was perception of reality in a subjective way. However, the same scientists propose applying a more subjective research alttkorn — an interpretative qualitative approach Malina et firmh. The wizdrunek approach can apparently mean a description of a given phenomenon with the omission of any numbers or statistics.

However, it is not so, but it is more about the multidisciplinary and multi-perspective approach, based on a deep interpretation of the phenomena Cassell et al. There are strong voices in the current state of art that are in favor of the quantitative methods Krogh et al.

It is worth quoting that in management studies cases of combining these two different epistemological attitudes appear seldom.

Each of these methods approaches — authors note requires … different type of sensitivity and a different workshop.

jerzy altkorn wizerunek firmy pdf merge – PDF Files

virmy However, it is also worth stressing that the division of the scientific matters, generally speaking, into qualitative and quantitative is not right and if we surrender to it, we may start making a lot of harmful simplifications McGuire,pp.

Research methods Within the approach of research there is a necessity of choosing an appropriate research method. The choice of a research method is not only a technical matter meaning the research technique — authors notebut also an expression of philosophical beliefs. It is mainly about supporting a wizeruek approach or being its opponent Bryman,p. The research method should also not disturb performing actions provided for this method Grzybek,p.

In wjzerunek current state of art for management studies there is an approach to empirical research to be found and it is called a mixed method Molina-Azorin et al.