Results 1 – 12 of 24 The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt. Oct 1, by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. Isah Schwaller De Lubicz, Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. from: $ The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt. Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, Schwaller’s wife (herself the author of a strange work of Egyptian esoterica, Her-Bak), wrote that the aims of Les Veilleurs included “the.

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The colours are a transformation of white light, a transformation that imparts different vibrations to the same substance.

Isha Schwaller de Lubicz (Author of Her-Bak)

Tragically, inAlexandre Varille died in a car accident, and without the support of their chief academic spokesperson, the symbolists were forced to secede. Ruby-gold glass is now understood as a form of colloidal gold—a solution of gold nanoparticles dispersed in a solid medium.

Of the French Theosophical Society, Schwaller later remarked: The story of these names will reveal much.

Complete with laboratory, forge, looms, printing press, and observatory, Suhalia was a hive of artisanal, alchemical, artistic, homeopathic, and mystical activity.

Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, Aorp. In however, with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the Lubiczs were forced to move on and their affinities drew them to Egypt, where they would remain for the next fifteen years. The revelation of one becoming two had been fleshed out by the analysis of the space between one and two.

While he disdained the perceived materialism of Jewish cultural habitudes, it must be emphasised that his views on race were shaped not by biological ideologies, but by an esotericism of race inherited from Theosophy.


This would become a core principle of his mature cosmology: Apet of the South at Luxor. Specifically, he used the language of light and colour to express how the visible world of appearance emerges from a primordial invisible unity, just like light broken through a prism:.

A thing is always triple in its nature: He then added indigo as a fourth secondary and placed it in an anomalous position after violet to suggest that violet decomposes not into blue and red, as would be expected, but into blue and indigo. This chemical experiment crystallises the creative, catalytic role of light and fire in alchemy. Nietzsche to Resa V.

Since Julius Caesar first wrested the region from the Germanic tribes in the first century CE, its history has been one of repeated oscillation between Gallic and Germanic rule. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. The Theosophical Society not only gave Schwaller a forum in which to develop his early understanding of sacred science, it also provided the ideological and social fabric from which his first foray into esoteric politics would depart.

Because of this Christ came to repair the separation which was from the beginning and again unite the two, and to give life to those who died as a result of the separation and unite them.

From that moment on, Schwaller knew he had found the true symbolique of his magnum opus: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Originally published in Clavis: History, Fantasy and Ancient Egyptpp. Mainstream Egyptologists have largely ignored his claims or viewed them with hostility, although Erik Hornung points out that his survey of Luxor Temple contains information useful to anyone studying the temple today.


Artist, alchemist, Egyptologist, Neopythagorean, and Hermetic philosopher. Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, Aorpp. Taken in its entirety, however, the esotericism of de Lubicz is nothing less than a science of consciousness. The laboratory was also notably equipped with schwlaler spectrometer in order to study the spectral lines given forth from metals, attesting to the fact that the colour phenomenon continued to be crucial to his alchemical work.

The stained glass of the oldest gothic cathedrals was believed by the alchemists of the Parisian ishw revival to have lubbicz coloured using esoteric methods lost to the modern world.

The chief sources for the biography of Schwaller are that of his wife: All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: His three-volume work The Temple in Man includes a drawing that compares the plan of Luxor Temple to the shape of a human skeleton.

Only the divine light is deathless, because it is bornless, and therefore fixed and eternal. The colonial era Winter Palace, so-named for being the winter residence of the Egyptian Royal Family, subsequently became host to scbwaller wealth of illustrious visitors. Each triad is headed schwlaler a principle composed colour that is the synthesis of two non-composed, elemental colours: