The Four in Balance Monitor identifies ICT as an integral part of Dutch education. teachers use ICT in one way or another in their teaching, which has been made possible by recent investments in Jaarverslag en marktmonitor Dutch software sector grows with % in A research report of ICT Nederland performed by ICT Marktmonitor, shows a postive outlook for the Dutch . In the Dutch Embassy knew of Dutch companies that are active in , ict-marktmonitor/english- summary/>.

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Which way is the company planning to relocate its ICT business activities to the foreign country? This makes training costs high. The company has grown at an annual rate of percent on average.

Market Monitor – ICT Industry – France

However Bangladesh, as a young democracy, has a constant battle to maintain peace in the country and there are serious issues with widespread corruption and bureaucracy. Whereas the technical work can makrtmonitor done, the long term service is not very reliable because of the size of the companies. Actionable intelligence solutions Figure 2: This variety could be explained by the relatively large population in Bangladesh Figure 5: Captive offshoring Internal sourcing from a foreig lo atio makrtmonitor a fir s ou daries.

Based on criteria concerning the business model and economic outlook as well as the potential and dedication of the management one company is selected for the program. Only 32 percent of all respondents indicate that they are planning to offshore additional ICT activities within the next 3 years. The volume and direction of bilateral trade between the Netherlands and Bangladesh in the future will depend to a large extent upon how well the latter can position itself to attract Dutch exports and investments.

Market Monitor – ICT industry – France

The focus of sustainability will be on employment generation specifically targeted at women and introducing marktmonotor and where applicable innovative technology. Help Center Find new research papers in: IT expenditures are expected to increase further due to the expansion of cloud computing, big data democratisation, and the need for higher mobility — now a must-have for many French businesses, driving servers and IT consulting demand up.


With the possi ilit of using Bangla on computers the importance of computer use in offices and printing industries in Bangladesh rapidly grew. According to BASIS statistics the domestic IT service industry market has grown at 20 to 30 percent per annum during the last few years.

Zulassung von Cookies Sie haben auf eine Website von Atradius zugegriffen. Bilateral trade between Bangladesh and the Netherlands remains relatively limited.

To which country s are these ICT business activities relocated? Many firms position themselves as marktmonutor able to provide any possible service within the broad spectrum of the ICT outsourcing industry. In June the GoB officially recognized that ICT can make an important development impact by appointing a committee to look into barriers and opportunities to export software from Bangladesh.

Over the years several reports describing the Bangladeshi ICT market are published. Perceived benefits of Bangladesh as an ICT offshoring destination. Margins will remain tight and working capital requirements will be a key martmonitor for many ICT businesses again in I additio he argues that most Bangladeshi ICT companies are offering a similar portfolio of services with a lack of a clear specialization and therefore not being able to offer a unique value proposition.

IT service providers are competing on low added-value activities, while programmers and software editors have more market mafktmonitor and can generate higher prices. In addition the Dutch business community continues to expand its interest in the country. Soon after the introduction of the internet in Bangladesh, inthe development of exportable software and multimedia systems commenced. Another driver of ICT growth is the rising marktmoniotr investment in big data and cloud computing solutions.

Differentiating from other ICT service providers by focusing on a limited number of products and services within the range of ICT offerings will improve the delivered quality, and stimulate innovation and further development of the ICT sector.


A deeper analysis has been completed on the gap between the needs and the supply of the ICT offshoring services. With over 10 years of experience in the Bangladesh ICT sector Nieboer is convinced that the sector is currently not using its full potential. Furthermore the companies in Bangladesh currently often lack an appropriate track record and references to attract large companies.

markfmonitor The investment climate is good, hence there is a lot of room for growth. Once in Dhaka, company co-founder Gerard Spin visited the ICT fair where he came in contact with several local providers of software development services.

Among the main reasons for not relocating ICT services respondents indicate: This cable is expected during and will be essential for further development of the ICT sector.

The Bangladeshi gas and electricity companies also began using computer systems for their customer billing. Nieboer marktmonifor by saying that Top students are still easy to hire in Dhaka, and most of them receive a decent education with sufficient linkage to current developments in the international ICT industry.

Figure 12 contains a full list of difficulties the companies experienced by relocating their ICT business activities to foreign locations. Despite the drop in spending the ICT sector performed better than the overall Dutch economy which contracted by 0.

Market Monitor – ICT – The Netherlands | Atradius

In Bangladesh these services are mainly offered by SMEs employing between 10 and 30 people. These are necessary to ensure access to foreign markets. The initial contacts are provided by the CBI as icy of their program to facilitate Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in finding their way in the Netherlands and enhance trade relationships between both countries.