I’ve got notes from class that I want to add to iBooks. I have iFile, but I can’t find the right folder to put the files in. Does anyone know. I dont know where to send it in order for iBooks to find it and display it! When opening iBooks, it doesn’t seem to find it. . ibooks ifile directory. I’ve downloaded a PDF to my iPad via torrent. I can locate this using ifile but I want to view it in iBooks or the kindle app. If I click open with one.

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If igile books disappeared from your library and aren’t listed, then something probably went wrong — you shouldn’t have lost anything. Jan 3, Messages: Jailbreak News and Reviews News: There are various files.

Manually add .PDF’s to iBooks | MacRumors Forums

Furthermore, Winnie the Pooh is nowhere ifole be found in the file system! Want your device type and iOS version next to your username?


Discussion in ‘ iPad Hacking ‘ started by Fr0stJun 7, Which is why, instead of appearing on the wireless network and linking to my iMac as my laptop did, I have to connect it via iTunes. Laugh Of The Day scifan57Mar 3, Also, I’m pretty sure that the iBooks library is not visible on the iCloud Drive folder on your Mac or the app on iOS, if that’s what you mean by “shown on”.

[Question] PDF in iFile to iBooks? : jailbreak

Use detailed titles for both news and questions. Lory Gil on May 23, Apr 28, 6: Googled it and read I should change the directory it saves to but it only seems to have downloaded half of the file.

You can ibookd paste the path when you hist Cmd-Shift-G in the Finder. Apr 28, 3: Mar 4, Messages: I’ve removed it from your edit, can you please add it again as a answer on its own? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Like in a terminal on a computer?

iBooks Directory

I’ve downloaded a PDF to my iPad via torrent. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.


You’d see them listed with the little cloud logo on them within your library, available for download. Discussion in ‘ iPad Hacking ‘ started by mrjaffaJul 15, Sign up using Email and Password.

Submit a new link. But you will see it listed in your iCloud data usage. Apr 29, 9: I didn’t realise I was at the wrong section!

How to Export iBooks Files from iPhone/iPad to Computer without iTunes

Apr 2, 6: Out of a few hundred books, 21 of mine remained local. The ebooks are still on your hard drive or ssdbut they’re hidden inside the iCloud drive e. Share This Page Tweet. Now, I’m not sure why some are not deleted and stay local. No “containers” folders show up in any type of search.