Here is 4/5ths of the Unoa-related scans in i-DOLOID Vista. I must say that magazine scarred me for life. These are the tamest pictures in whole magazine by far. (See Japanese love-doll magazine: Source (site screenshot as of )). There are hundreds of. I-doloid Petie: Volume 2 on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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One must also notice, that dolls are predominantly a Occidental artifact. If we do friends locked entry? Ifff it’s oke I’m going to friend you since you are my Unoa Zero super resource! The Japanese of 21st century have a untold infatuation with just-pubescent females.

On one hand, the Westerners are passionate and open when it comes to sex, from fornication to sodomy to rape to incest to bestiality and orgy way back from the tales of Greek’s mythologies and Christian sect’s scripture aka Bible.

I’m in awe of them, but I think I’m safe too big for me! Dolls are interesting artifacts of humanity.

Reply Parent Thread Link. I really would like one of the unoa lights though, hopefully they doloi pop up after release. Dolls, almost always come as female.

The Asians, with their bottled-up sexuality, have developed into a-love-bizarre over the centuries, from China’s foot-binding to Thailand’s shemales to Japanese Bondage Art. I can’t post these pictures on DOA or even hint where they might be so thats probably why they haven’t leaked around everywhere yet.

Including the Sist cosplaying Ayanami Rei. East by China and India, and West by Europeans.


I must say that magazine scarred me for doolid. With words alone she could quench fire, still the ocean in tempest, and turn the wind to any quarter she pleased.

Would be waste iff not more peeps wouldn’t be able to enjoy them!!

Unless of course your supervisors don’t care about you looking at doll boobs. I won’t be able to buy one for another month anyway though because of the unoa zero.

Soon, these inanimate species will probably move and moan like human. Hey, speaking of — since we seem to have a number of friends in common — mind if I add you? I have a batch being shipped sometime in October supposedly because I did a little group order.

I thought I’d be able to avoid lusting after the lights since they’re so tiny but they are SO adorable. I really want one with the male head on the female body. But I can’t be sure. Me gawd I had not seen these pictures yet!!!! I didn’t want vox to ruin the quality. The mere display of their body have tremendous effect on men.

The apparent reason for West and East dichotomy is basically because these two are the most powerful and influential ethnicities, roughly speaking from a historical perspective. They are tall as human, weight as human, but do not need to be pampered as human. On the other hand, the Eastern mythologies and religions and moralities shun sex and do not on the whole glorify love or sexual passion, but you have untold deviations.

I actually was able to order the Unoa Lights from Rakuten through Crescent using them as a shopping service. I have you added on my personal lj already mtrlg I just hadn’t gotten around to gathering all my doll friends off there to here yet: XD God, they’re stunning It’s not the porn I was shocked about it was the kiddy stuff that got me shocked.


I-doloid Vista | Flickr

Females want to be like them, and males want them. We’ll just do it when we are bored one day?

They are appreciated by females and males. I’m really hoping I win that lottery dolokd. Then I’d have an excuse to buy cute momoko clothes. Thank you the Zer’s are gorgeous XD!!!

Dolls Of Age

I’d only seen Latea and Marion in a really bad scanned picture. Must resist the Lights, but it’s a difficult task. The unoa lights should pop up rather soon, as they are easier to make and being made by a big company and the preorder is going on now.

One has to wonder about the raw power females exhibit over males. Leave a Comment to the Entry. I consider myself a slim mini bjd girl, myself but size will never stop me from buying a doll!

I should have saved them while I had the chance! Oooohhh, do you still have these archived somewhere? Log in No account? Pehraps you can post them in the Erotic dolls Lj group. Damn, I really want a Marion.