19 items Honeywell Rondostat Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve TRV 1X HONEYWELL RONDOSTAT HRE HR HR Heizkörperregler. This project is about controlling a Honeywell Rondostat HRE electronic radiator thermostat over an RS bus. The idea for this project. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set .

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Original software in valve is 2.

Thomas V Modification for Thermotronic would be nice. No, when a few days later another rand randnew is send, i can replay the old command, which was the response to the old rand. And then a WEB interface would be nice, too. Thermotronic version of SW don’t support serial communication due to hardware limitation. What is the use of this so called “Default-Mode”?

Say warm in the evening, cooler in the night, warmer again in the morning and cool when you are at work. Reply is Maaaddddwhere aaa is the address, dddd is the data. You can tune this value config. It’s been sitting on the shelve for half a year now, and I decided to try and see if I could get on with this project.

You don’t need change anything on menu. I can’t remember if I commit this try or not, but I was try it I will try to use same “hysteresis” but only for integrator update condition.

Since youre master of the menue it shouldnt be too difficult? I thing that your tool in SVN will be welcome. NET Framework is not contained in the installer. If you have some requirements, i can assist hr0e in designing the secutity functionality.



Install the program, chut it, modify the new cfg and restart the program. It seems very simple. If a slave hasnt a synced clock yet regardless if he knows that his clock isnt synced gr20e, he doesnt know when the time Slot 00 occurs: I still have the problem that my self-compiled hex does not work: And with Mono, even if rondostah might not be possible yet, will open the door for other platforms.

But here it goes: It is no way how to calculate Km from Kenc or Kmac. So maybe it will be possible to implement an ronostat communication over RS for configuration and so on. If you are not using RS, PE2 is free. It does the job very well. Concerning a new regulator model, I have unfortunately honeywelk experience and would have to do a lot of experimenting and development work to get something reasonable to work.

Idea was stop motor ouside problematic position around motor pulse edge. On wirelless is usual lost same data, therefore in this case we can lost synchronization.

Especially the interaction the various subroutines. We dont have space for it.

But is was unstable solution. Next thing I already started is the wireless remote control of most of the internal and external lights and also some other electronic devices, all with the same RFM12 receivers MHz in my case. So, tell me your plans! I will look to this problem later. Is there any readable user manual or anyone working on it?


:Customer reviews: Honeywell Rondostat HR Radiator Thermostat Timer

I hope that this will help me to fix some problems I have with the regulation characteristics using the default settings. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

Sign in to check out Check out as guest. I can edit the Variables in eeprom.

honeywell hr20 | eBay

I am trying to use AVR Studio. PE2 is free to rondosrat and avail on the connector. In the past I had the wish to integrate the HR20 into “my system”. Rev and in branch rfmsrc is buggy measure wrong motor calibration, will be fixed today, please wait.

Yet, rojdostat the default-stroke mode, radiators stay cold after about three days, even though the HR20E shows a higher target-temperature. The only problem is, as you explained, that you only change Is if the temperature value changes.

One more thing rondosstat me about the RFM12 is that, according to its datasheet, its lowest working voltage is 2. If not, it would have to be controlled by simulating button presses and reading status from the LCD. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab.

Hi Jiri, it would not be a big problem to do a pcb for the master. Each client will have to register with the server.