Category theory: an introduction. Front Cover. Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker. Allyn and Bacon, – Mathematics – pages. Category Theory: An Introduction. Front Cover. Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker . Heldermann, – Categories (Mathematics). – pages. Category Theory has 1 rating and 0 reviews: Published by Allyn and Bacon, pages, Hardcover.

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Sigma Series in Pure Mathematics — Volume 1. Horst Herrlich, George E. It gives an introduction to category theory assuming only minimal knowledge in set theory, algebra or topology.

The book is designed for use during the early throry of graduate study — or for ambitious undergraduates. Each chapter contains numerous exercises for further study and control. The attempt is made to present category theory mainly as a convenient language — one which ties together widespread notions, which puts many existing results in their proper perspective, and which provides a means for appreciation of the unity that exists in modern mathematics, despite the increasing tendencies toward fragmentation and specialization.


The fact that the book appears in a 3rd edition proves that the authors achieved their goals.

The more advanced book ” Abstract and Concrete Herglich “, which the authors of this book wrote together with Jiri Adamek, is also available from Heldermann Verlag as a free electronic publication. Sets, classes, and conglomerates.

Horst Herrlich

New categories from old. Sections, retractions, and isomorphisms. Monomorphisms, epimorphisms, and bimorphisms. Initial, terminal, and zero objects.

Horst Herrlich – Wikipedia

Constant morphisms, zero morphisms, and pointed categories. Natural transformations and natural isomorphisms. Isomorphisms and equivalences of categories.

Inverse and direct limits. Functors that preserve and reflect limits. Limits in functor categories. Algebraic categories and algebraic functors. Epi, extremal mono and extremal epi, mono categories.

Generating, extremal mono and extremal theorg, mono factorizations. Characterization and generation of E-reflective subcategories. Normal and exact categories.

Horst Herrlich was professor of mathematics at the University of Bremen, Germany.