Insufferable passengers, rigorous training, and a turbulent life, Heather Poole recounts her years as a flight attendant. The Paperback of the Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at Feet by Heather Poole at Barnes.

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It’s not a literary masterpiece, but rather a really interesting conversation you would hear at a high-end bar or at a nice dinner from a charismatic person.

MY BOOK: Cruising Attitude – Heather Poole

I also am a former flight attendant. Jul 10, Will Byrnes rated it liked it Shelves: She is incredibly funny and cruisinh stories were collected well and written in an engaging way. If you miss anything your are out in the blink of an eye, literally.

In fact, although the writer has experience as a flight attendant on two airlines, only one is mentioned by name as it is no longer operating.

MY BOOK: Cruising Attitude

Open Preview See a Problem? Nothing really kept you cruisijg the edge of your seat but it was interesting to see everything that goes on in the lives of average flight attendants. What are their lives lik If you’re thinking about an exciting career in airborne customer service, this is the book for you!

After I read this book, though, I immediately embarked on a two-week business trip, and I did look at the crew differently. Heather was one of the lucky ones. Feb 09, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I loved the awfulness of the life she described.


It was a fun read to pass the time on the bus though and I’ve been bowling tonight so I’m in a pretty good mood. Starting out at the now defunct charter airline Sun Jet after college, Poole never considered heqther a flight attendant as a career option. It has to happen to someone!

In the book, Cruising Attitude by Heather Poole, a reader is taken on a cruisig the scenes tour of what it takes to make it to a flight attendant. Just tell me if you have plans to forge my signature at certain bookstores in local malls? They are literally so underpaid even tights to wear with their uniforms are a major consideration. The one pick I have about the book is that I think it could have been a little better organized.

Being a commuting flight attendant also seems a bit complex. This was a fun peek into the world of flight attendants.

Before she attempted to become one of the big shots on international planes flying high class she was stuck on Sun Jet International Airlines. View all 6 comments. Heather and Georgia lived in a home owned by a Russian cabbie, hezther they shared a room with four other women, and there were three other bedrooms set up in similar fashion upstairs.

You are commenting using your WordPress. If a person crising to make a career as a flight attendant, there is very little ability to make plans with any level of security or certainty. Much more goes into being a flight attendant than most people think and Poole, a flight attendant and popular blogger, gives readers the hilarious nitty-gritty details of a life spent heqther the sky.


Overall, I found this to be not only interesting but very entertaining.

She shares some celebrity encounters without mentioning the names of just how some use their status and some are strictly just like us as passengers. But they don’t sound very generous, and of course every time you use them you have to do what? I had a guess that flight attendants had a rough life especially early onbut had no true idea. For anyone who travels on planes a lot, this is a good book, it is not long and could probably be finished on a red-eye from LA to DC.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So, Robert Redford is mentioned by name, along with how pleasant and unassuming he was during his flight. I had just finished Heather Poole’s memoir, Cruising Attitude: What do the books share that can be used to place them at the same point on the rating scale?

Jan 26, Tara Chevrestt rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book really shines in three areas.

Hi Heather, enjoyed reading your book.