GuttaFlow 2 is a novel filling system for root canals that combines two products in one; sealer and gutta-percha in powder form with a particle size of less than. The new GuttaFlow generation. HYGENIC GuttaFlow 2 is a novel filling system for root canals that combines two products in one: gutta-percha in powder form. The aim of the present in vitro study was to evaluate the cytotoxicity of different sealers including GuttaFlow Bioseal, GuttaFlow 2, AH-Plus and MTA Fillapex on .

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Phosphorus ions play an important role in the formation of apatite crystals, and composed calcium phosphate is known to be a precursor of apatite [ 2930 ]. The biocompatibility of GuttaFlow Bioseal might be due to its bioactive content and its lack of resin [ 21 ].

Placing an excessive quantity will impede your vision, make a mess of the work area, and require clean-up time. There is an adequate condensation effect from seating the MC to force the GuttaFlow material out into the fine anatomy in the root canal. Control group including only culture medium were treated similarly.

HYGENIC® GuttaFlow® 2

The canal tip must always sit loosely in the root canal. Apoptotic index were used to evaluate quantitative data.

Syringe guarantees an easy handling, dispenses just the quantity required and mixes the material homogeneously, hygienically and free of air bubbles Working time: Bioactive glass can be produced from soluble to non-resorbable and changed the proportions of them [ 26 ]. When seating the MC, insert it slowly. Only a small amount is required. Applying the GuttaFlow into the root canal is easily accomplished via well known techniques. There is also no condensing required with a GuttaFlow obturation.

The results of the MTT assay which represents live cell number by absorbents values are shown in Table 2. Guttafow all experimental time points, there was no significant difference in the cell viability between the GuttaFlow Bioseal group and the control group. As the MC is inserted in the root canal it will force the thixotropic GuttaFlow material to flow. Figure 3 The largest MC that will fit to the confirmed working length should be selected.


The cells were exposed to extracts for 24 h. The absorbance readings were normalised to untreated control cultures. Hauman C, Love R. It was suggested that calcium hydroxide is formed when CaO comes into contact with water [ 28 ].

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Support Center Support Center. Our results showed the toxic effect and the best material for clinical use with the gutaflow of cell line culture; thus, more in vivo experiments are required. Each sealer was mixed under aseptic conditions.

ROEKO GuttaFlow® 2

Instructions For Use 3. Slow insertion will allow any excess GuttaFlow to flow in the path of least resistance, which is coronally, out of the canal. The compositions of these materials are shown in Table 1. Final Obturation of the Root Canal The final obturation of the root canal consists of applying a small amount of the GuttaFlow into the root canal, seating the MC, and backfilling with GuttaFlow. Morphological cell changes due to chemical toxicity of a dental material: GuttaFlow provides the dentist with a simplified obturation technique that is fast, efficient, and easy to learn and use.

Conclusion The precise filling and sealing of the complex anatomy of the root canal can now be completed with a new material—GuttaFlow. Previous studies have shown that the biocompatibility of Gutta Flow 2 is higher than that of AH-Plus [ 89 gurtaflow.

Endodontic sealers in dentistry-in vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity studies. Nowadays, many of the biocompatible materials used for perforation repair, guttafoow filling and regeneration treatment include silicates [ 523 – 25 ].

The cytotoxicity of MTA Fillapex may be due to its resin component such as diluting resin and natural resin.

Third, a radiograph may be used to confirm the seating of the MC when it cannot be comfortably confirmed by visual or tactile means. The GuttaFlow can be placed directly into the root canal using the dispensing gun and canal tip Figure 4 or the GuttaFlow may be placed into the root canal with a lentulo.


In previous studies, apoptosis was observed in pulp tissue [ 15 ], osteoblast cells [ 16 ] and dental pulp stem cells [ 17 ] using the TUNEL assay. The GuttaFlow is provided in single-dose capsules that are mixed in a triturator. Fibroblast morphology and the effects of extracts from root canal sealers were observed under an inverted phase contrast microscope Olympus, model IX50, Japan with magnification ratio of For example, previous studies [ 4513 ] indicated that formaldehyde released from AH-Plus may be the reason for its cytotoxicity.

Figure 9 The mixed GuttaFlow has a working time of 15 minutes and will completely set in 25 to 30 minutes. This is desirable as the GuttaFlow should flow into the fine anatomy within the root canal.

Journal List Iran Endod J v. Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of root canal sealers based on mineral trioxide aggregate. The resulting formazan crystals were dissolved when removing the culture medium and adding dimethyl sulfoxide solvent Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology, St. GuttaFlow Bioseal differs from other GuttaFlow sealers as it also contains bioactive glass, which consists of silica, calcium oxide, sodium oxide and phosphorus oxide. The MC will make up the bulk of the root canal filling.

It should be seen rising up around the canal tip.

ROEKO GuttaFlow® 2

The adequacy of the fit of the MC can be gauged in 3 ways. To observe the long-term biocompatibility of root canal sealers, retrospective and primarily controlled prospective clinical studies in humans should be performed.

Figure 4 The GuttaFlow can be placed directly into the root canal using the dispensing gun and canal tip. There was cell death morphology with guttaflpw which cells showed nuclear condensation and blebbing.