Dear Community,below you find the Community Calendar for October The color code for the events is the following: After the community. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. specialization It may not be step by step but its very well thought out.

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We know, we know, we promised to have Episode 2 of AskTravian released by the end of the month. I will definitely try out gujda double the economy and see if it’s really only 10hours slower. Cheap CP is what we are looking for in the beginning of the server. Other units can be added, but are not quite efficient.

Anyone knows good travian guides? : travian

Also feel free to give some feedback and if you think I should add something then please let me know. At this point only attack the Robbers with your Swordsmen and leave the Phalanx at home.

Send some scouts followed by a raid. Good morning, unfortunately due to technical reasons we are not able to publish the Postcard Video today and at the moment we are unable to provide another date.

Beginner’s Guide – First week as Gaul

He is also unlocked from the start of the game. Programmazione Standard Forum dedicato a tutti gli altri linguaggi attualmente non diffusi per utilizzo web.

I will get back to you with a new date as soon as available. A rtavian cropper village. Follow this guide step by step and you will be able to send out your settlers gida day 7, or day 8 tops. Best regards, Jon xoxo. That being said — If your budget is little to no gold then you trafian go for a 9 cropper capital.


Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Farm big active players when they are not online. Discutiamo su le varie strategie da mettere in atto per vincere il server o combattere il vicino di turno. When i start from 0 units im ofcourse gguida bit more sensible but as soon as im in business i do the following to renew and increase my farmlist: In order to found a new village one must have enough Culture Points CP. Your first village should focus primarily on Swords; otherwise the idea is largely the same as with the defender.

Personally I use the hero to sim up the fields to level 9s in two or so days normal speed. Questo forum contiene link a server cloni di Travian detti comunemente “Server privati”. First published inmillions of players around the world now enjoy this classic game.

If your current kingdom is doing well more members are joining in, borders are expanding and the amount of treasures in the kingdom is growing and you also like the people you are playing with you should consider settling near your first village. You also need to be quite rravian if you choose the raiding strategy over simming strategy.

In this video I explain how to send same second attacks in gulda popular online browser based game called Travian. In this short episode, we answer some questions about To leave or to stay; this choice is the most important factor on where you should settle.

You will eventually gain a level and when you do put the points into the hero resource generation. MB is best to queue before bed; early fields are best when you’re very active. Goodluck, it’s in dutch.

Congratulations, now you have completed most of the tasks without any additional waiting to get enough resources! Mocando os recursos no buraco! Keep a close eye at the farm list. You are without a doubt most helpful player in Travian Kingdoms. If you wish you can build more swordsmen as well but keep their numbers between 30 and Dizionario per Noob Dizionario per i nuovi utenti di Traviani, che non sono a conoscenza dei termini che questo gioco si porta dietro.


You also raid accounts you are trusted to sit. If you settler on a 9c or 15c build your attacking troops in there, otherwise build them in your first village. Fields, WH, granary until fields are level 5 and WH level 8 2. Not claiming it to be the best starting strategy, but it leads to fast settling and requires such a minimal effort.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If only one died you might try to figure out how many TTs you have to send to the village to keep the attack without losses.

Community Calendar – October – Community Calendar – Travian: Legends Forum

Once the hideout is fully cleared it will disappear completely. The quest system gida extremely important to getting your village on its feet as quickly as possible.

It’s amazing to see people appreciate the guide. Basically you only want to take the simming route since you will be able to settle before the beginner’s protection is over.

The first few days For the purposes of this guide I will assume you have registered on a new server less than 24h of the start of the server. In my test game I was quite inactive and was able to settle my second village at the end of my 5th day.

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