Technical Spares. User Manual, GSI Product Code: Other Product Code: Manufacturer: Grason Stadler. Instruction Manual, GSI Direct calibration for TDH headset and bone vibrator. THE COMPLETE CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. AND MORE. The GSI 61 comes with everything you’ll need to. 2 GSI 61 NEW STANDARD IN CLINICAL AUDIOMETRY The GSI 61 is the versatile, making hearing aid evaluation easier than ever Direct calibration for TDH.

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For [Paul] Erdos, mathematics, …. Now, there s an ultrasound. The attenuator for the channel routed to the aided ear should be set to 40 dB HL comfort setting.

And break down the barriers to routine, More gi. Related Searches Pediatric audiometry audiometry Digital audiometry Reflex tester Screening tympanometer Screening audiometer ABR screening system OAE screening system Clinical diagnostic audiometer Clinical diagnostic tympanometer Audiometry software Diagnostic software Test software Reporting software Computer-based audiometry Automated software Data management software.

All input records are validated in the following manner: Then, as your requirements grow, add more options: Continue this procedure until a reading of 80 to 90 dB HL is reached or until the patient indicates that the sound is painful. The reference level used for the calibration of speech is Tracking This pushbutton allows the Channel 2 hearing level to track the Channel 1 hearing level by a selected dB difference.

Beginning at the speech reception threshold level, the patient is requested to answer simple questions while the attenuator for the selected channel is increased in 5 dB steps.

Page 19 Chapter 2 – Installation Insert Phone Outputs Monaural phone jacks for left and right insert phones or patch cords. Pressing Clear while the timer is running is invalid.

The board is located on the right side, near the rear of the instrument. Score each correct response by pressing the Correct button and each wrong response by pressing the Incorrect button to obtain an unaided Speech Reception Threshold SRT.


The power entry module is composed of the power switch, fuse drawer and voltage selection switch, and power cord with hospital grade plug appropriate for the country of destination. If there is currently no saved data, this error message will be flashed: Nonstandard frequencies, frequencies outside the current range or frequencies invalid for the current transducer are invalid audiometef will audikmeter in an error record being transmitted.


The RS and USB interface are bidirectional to allow the operator to transmit test results to a computer and to control the audiometer from a remote computer system. Connect the optional speaker cable to the connector marked Speaker on the rear of the GSI Indicates that there audlometer no data available for printing, although the Print Audiogram button has been pressed.

All of these tests must pass, for your complete confidence. HL set to closest possible value. Talk Forward can be used with any available transducer, including the optional High Frequency earphones.

Note that in the ALTernate test mode, the Interrupt pushbuttons do not operate independently of each other. The new More information. Choose the features needed today and upgrade easily to the additional features as your needs grow in the future.

Each reading is timed with ggsi timer. The ideal choice for health care professionals on the go. Advanced ECG technology can make a real difference in patient care. The timer may be halted at any point by pressing the Stop pushbutton.

Page 25 High Frequency earphones.

GSI 61 Clinical Audiometer – Demka Sakti

Check that the transducers and other system components are operating properly. As soon as the carrier has completed the inspection, notify a Grason-Stadler representative. The GSI 61 has the optional capability of printing the stored audiometet data or of sending the data to a remote computer through an RS or USB interface. Present 1 dB increments at increasingly higher sensation levels to both ears. Click here to visit Hear For Life’s Webstore. A graphical representation of the VU meters for each channel.


When the single insert option is used, the insert phone is connected to the rear of the GSI 61 at the Insert Left position. Connects to the printer via manula standard PCparallel printer cable.

Manuxl scorer is displayed in the test status area of the Status screen. Continue until the patient has difficulty with the words. The information contained herein is subject More information. A continuous tone is presented to the test ear at 20 dB SL.

The following table shows the maximum background levels that can be present inside the room while a valid hearing test is being conducted. Refer to the Figures on page for the optional High Frequency installation. This test is self-paced and typically takes minutes to complete and requires limited supervision. These inputs audiiometer adjusted by turning the appropriate control until an indication of 0 dB on the average is obtained on the selected channel VU meter. With Channel 1 routed right and Channel 2 routed left, the first syllable of the first spondee is presented to the right ear alone through Channel 1.

Surgical media access made simple. Install the High Frequency earphones as shown in the following figures: The right monitor for your clinical demands The B40 Patient Monitor from GE Healthcare provides versatile clinical capabilities to help Audiometerr information. Often the error will be cleared by this action. Heil Cardioid Pro 7 ic: Some audible noise at levels above 70 dB is permissible.