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In all cases the main effect of gender favoured girls.

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind. Ein Lehrbuch

Early development of verbal morphology in Greek – Christofidou, Stephany – In combination with the higher average scores, this indicates that most children have now acquired a larger vocabulary and are increasing their vocabulary at more similar rates. As bilingualism is common for children in Europe, these children were kept in the sample.

However, normative data on vocabulary and grammatical growth in German-speaking children spracuentwicklung still lacking. The theoretical significance of the association between early lexical and grammatical development is that language is unlikely to be arising from dissociable and autonomous vocabulary and grammar modules, as suggested by Pinker This states that a certain number of lexical items is required before such items can be operated upon, for instance, by affixing bound morphemes or combining words to sentences.

Das Wunder des Spracherwerbs: Numbers per age group are not large enough to present percentiles.

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind. Ein Lehrbuch by Gisela Szagun

As indicated by the standard deviation, variability is considerable, especially between 1;9 und 2;3. As indicated by the increase in R 2, there is a better fit of the model to the data by adding the quadratic term for both grammar scales.

German marks for case; case marking occurs on determiners.


For the total sample there was a significant effect of gender for lexical and grammar scales, with girls having higher scores. Evidence from bilingual language learners. With respect to grammar, the content of the questionnaire differs considerably from the American version, as German is a more highly inflected language, and the questionnaire needs to address a variety of inflectional morphological paradigms.

However, as with other adaptations of the CDI Maital et al. Sex differences in intellectual functioning. Abweichungen von den Normen der Muttersprache sind dabei systematisch.

The case of determiners – Tremblay – 4 Typological perspectives on the acquisition of noun sprachenntwicklung verb morphology – Laaha, Gillis – 3 Der Altersfaktor im Zweitspracherwerb: Der ontogenetische Vokabularerwerb – Szagun. Rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants in Germany. The section on case marking presents examples of short utterances with case- marked definite and indefinite articles.

Eine psychologische und sprachtheoretische Untersuchung 4th ed. This would reduce variability for the group.

The questionnaire has an extensive grammar – Again. Figure 8 shows the growth curve for forms of modal verbs and the copula max. Individual differences and implications of a “sensitive phase – Szagun – 5 Prosodic constraints on the production of grammatical morphemes in early French: There was extensive variability on all language scales. sprachenhwicklung

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind

What the child knows – Tremblay – Spracherwerb kontrastiert mit dem Sprachenlernen wie folgt: A test of the critical mass hypothesis. Parents are asked to tick the version of the sentence which is closest to what their child produces. Because the structure of German grammar differs from that of English, these parts differ from their English equivalents Fenson et gise,a. The German vocabulary checklist contains a total of words which were selected in the following way.


Experiential factors account for variability in linguistic progress of young children with cochlear implants. Paper presented as part of an Invited Symposium ‘Language acquisition in young children with a cochlear implant’ at the International Congress for – Szagun – First Language, 24, — Out of these, 30 children had to be xprachentwicklung for a number of reasons: All the items in the questionnaire are drawn from the German spontaneous speech data MacWhinney, The vocabulary section of this earlier version differed only slightly from the current version.

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind – Gisela Szagun – Google Books

The grammatical paradigms included are those which children are known to acquire during the age span of 1;6—2;6 Behrens,; Miller, ; Mills, ; Szagun, a, b, The two grammar scales were highly correlated with vocabulary, indicating that sprachentwicolung growth of inflectional morphology and sentence complexity was strongly associated with the growth of vocabulary.

In addition to the questionnaire, parents were given a short letter asking for their co-operation bei instructing them to complete the questionnaire within one day.

The results may be regarded as a first step towards normative data and the present questionnaire as a useful instrument for sprqchentwicklung early language development, if the results are viewed with caution in terms of normative claims.

The shorter word list is in keeping with other adaptations of the CDI Hamilton et al. Developmental Psychology, DevelopmentalPsychology – Tardif – From toI was a Ph. Continuities in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Early language to literacy: