genus and species name, Frateuria aurantia, for strains IF0 ,,, and to Strain IF0 was found to be a strain of. Gluconobacter. Frateuria aurantia DSM (Project ID: ). Product: High Quality Draft. Proposal Name: GEBA Proposal (Proposal ID: ). Project PI: Jonathan Eisen. Potassium-mobilizing bacterial strain Frateuria aurantia was examined for Bacterial strain F. aurantia was able to enhance potassium uptake efficiently in.

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Frateuria aurantia

Possible mis-assemblies were corrected with gapResolution [ 33 ], Dupfinisher [ 36 ], or sequencing cloned bridging PCR fragments with subcloning.

TAS [ 24 ]. An effective tool for using ultra short reads in microbial genome assembly and finishing.

Lect Notes Comput Sci ; Cell cycle control, cell division, chromosome partitioning. Traceable Author Statement i. From outside to center: Besides trace amounts of diploptene and rearranged compounds like fernene [ 3 ], the main lipids isolated from DSM T fratduria iso -branched fatty acids and triterpenoids of the hopane family, such as bacteriohopanetetrol and derived hopanoid.


RNA processing and modification. The final assembly containedpyrosequence and 25, Illumina reads.

K-Mobil (Potash Mobilizing bacteria): Frateuria aurantia

The most frequently occurring keywords within the labels of all environmental samples which yielded hits were ‘soil’ 5. The organism also produces ubiquinone Q8 [ 27 ]. Influence of the temperature and the growth phase on the hopanoids and fatty acids content of Frateuria aurantia DSMZ Amino acid transport and metabolism. A phylogeny-driven Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea. Iain launched the archaeal tree of life sequencing program at trateuria Joint Genome Institute and he was a key member of the team of scientists and engineers that developed IMG.

Towards a natural system of organisms. Bull Agric Chem Soc Jpn ; List of growth media used at DSMZ: Please review our privacy policy. Journal List Stand Genomic Sci v. Stand Genomic Sci ; 1: Appl Environ Microbiol ; Cells grow well at pH 3.

auramtia The Gene Ontology Consortium. Here we present a summary classification and a set of features for F. Genes with transmembrane helices. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

K Sol B from Frateuria aurantia :: Agri Life

Finishing repeat regions automatically with Dupfinisher. An empirical test of the midpoint rooting method.


General function prediction only. GenBank Date of Release. Genome sequencing and assembly The genome was sequenced using a combination of Illumina and sequencing platforms.

K-Mobil (Potash Mobilizing bacteria): Frateuria aurantia

All general aspects of library construction and sequencing can be found at the JGI website [ 33 ]. Environ Microbiol ; 3: We would like to gratefully acknowledge the ayrantia of Markus Kopitz for growing F. A rapid bootstrap algorithm for the RAxML web servers. They are oxidase positive and catalase negative [ 1 frateria physiological features and antibiotic susceptibilities were reported in great detail in [ 1 ].

The genome project is deposited in the Genomes On Line Database [ 14 ] and the complete genome sequence is deposited in GenBank.