Hello Really simple question; when you create a pdf from FM, can you convert the cross-ref’s to hyperlinks in the pdf? Thanks. Following are steps for creating these hyperlinks in Adobe FrameMaker. For more information, please refer to the documentation provided with Adobe. Cross-references is an effective navigational tool that guides a user to a related information in a document that might add to their understanding.

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Creating Hyperlinks in FrameMaker Source Documents

That is one of the many advantages to creating source documents in FrameMaker. This saves you lots of time later after source information is in Acrobat format. If you have used an online help system of any kind or surfed around on the World Wide Web, you’re already familiar with hypertext links.

A link on a Web page is essentially the same thing as a hypertext link. You can click a Web page link that takes you to a new URL. Hypertext links are helpful to link information in online documents and get you to that information quickly. I focus on a few practical techniques that you can use to create the following types of hyperlinks:.


One of the fastest and easiest methods to create hypertext links in FrameMaker that works in PDF is to use cross-references.

Create FrameMaker Clickable Hyperlinks that Work in Acrobat | Cross-References | Peachpit

To learn more about cross-references, see Chapter 5 of FrameMaker 6: You can download this chapter for free at http: Instant hypertext links will not be activated using PDFWriter.

Framemakeg a PDF file, place the insertion cursor over a cross-reference text area.

The insertion cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger. Acrobat jumps to and displays the source information, whether in the current file or in a different file.

Keep in mind that when cross-reference sources are contained in external documents, those documents must also be in PDF format in order for framemmaker links to work. If they are not, you will get an error message that the source file does not exist. When creating online documents, keep filenames and paths the same.


For example, if a cross-reference links to external source document filename.

The name of the resulting file should be filename. After the files are converted to PDF, the cross-reference automatically looks for filename.

If you change the name to something other then the original name, the cross-reference link does not work. Make a View-Only hyperlnk by pressing in sequence, Esc F l k; then click the cross-reference link.

Esc F l k toggles between View-Only and Editable. See All Related Store Items.

Create FrameMaker Clickable Hyperlinks that Work in Acrobat

Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people. This article explores some practical hypertext techniques that save you development time when creating helpful online documents.

Lisa Jahred, author of FrameMaker 6: Beyond the Basicswrites a regular column for InformIT. From the author of. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs.