Flatland is a simple little game based on the novel of the same name. There are other RPG adaptations of the setting, but this was made. The Original Flatland Role Playing Game. After hearing about this on a mailing list, I thought that it was a really good idea to pass it along to as. Sales of The Original Flatland Role Playing Game, which is sold in aid of Doctors Without Borders, have been slow recently. I’ve decided to try an experiment;.

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Where the slightest deviation from the norm can lead to arrest, imprisonment, execution and consumption by your peers or a lingering death by starvation. Comments are regularly made about “Huckleberry Finn” showing complete lack of awareness of its role in the abolition of slavery.

This article has been rated as Mid-importance on the project’s importance scale. Does anybody recall a more recent novel based on a two-dimensional universe?

Glome Wiki: Flatland Role Playing

I know it exists and I’ve read flatlqnd, but I don’t know the flaland off hand. Newer Post Older Post Home. The guy comes up with some really cool concepts. A few differences were made. These are all false spatial metaphors. We’ve entered a minor back-and-forth about whether to list editions in print. It describes intelligent beings who could come from a certain world and be able to detect more dimensions than beings who have more limited intelligences and who live in another dimensional world.

Views Read Edit New section View history. Innovators dlatland either imprisoned or suppressed. It would be nice to add in information stuff about how Flatland is a satire of Victorian society rather than just talking about the book itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was somewhat more technical in approach, but it was most definately inspired by Flatland. If rph, it would be worth mentioning. Discworld is not at all like Flatland — no explorations of worlds with more or less than three dimensions, just parodies of various science-fiction and fantasy.


It includes the novel, complete rules for the setting, three adventures and four adventure outlines, a complete wargame by Matthew Hartley Tusk, Aeronef, etc. Flatlandd squiggle that the original shows at the top of the compass was probably a fleur-de-lis, so I drew one.


This world, as ours, is not prepared to receive ‘Revelations from another world’. I was told by my Geometry teacher when we read the book that Abbott used a penname when he originally published it. Paralax would have solved the problem of getting impaled by a woman for example, because although a woman might appear pointlike to one eye, she would appear as a line segment in the other eye due to the different viewing angles of each eye.

I was the first editor to return this list to the article after it was deleted, but I was mostly responding to the perhaps unintentional deletion of the “adaptions and parodies” section header as part of the deletion.

It also featured the existance of flatladn dimensional spaces, similar to flatland, but on the surface of a sphere. This article is supported by 19th century task force marked as Mid-importance.

The Original Flatland RPG

I agree that combining Cartesian determinacy with Flatlands’ dimensional limitation makes relativistic curving of spacetime a bit harder to fathom, but that is DesCartes’ doing, not Abbott’s.


The original title page said, “By A Square”–no period after the “A”, which is simply the flatlajd article this can be seen on the title page reproduced in this Wikipedia article.

This article has been rated as C-Class on the project’s quality scale.

Can anyone provide any additional insights to help me to understand this idea better? WikiProject Novels novel articles Novels portal. Many generations have been misinformed and misled by Flatland into misunderstanding the word dimension.

Where the only thing that matters is the straightness of your sides and the regularity of your angles.

Talk:Flatland – Wikipedia

The superimposition shows that the SVG version was very close to the original. It leads impressionable people to believe that a dimension is a world that is inhabited by observers. Perhaps people will also make similar comments about Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

Hope this helps Marcus Rowland This engenders sympathy for people who crave the liberation of being able to know and experience more spatial dimensions. Posted by Christopher Helton at 7: If they arre geometrical shapes without any internal structure they would fall apart if there was more than one opening into their bodies, which is why impalement is so deadly.

This is actually one of the most interesting and least explored ideas in this remarkable book. It gives the impression that a dimension is a universe or a realm of being.