Fidelity Investments (Fidelity) today announced the formal launch of Fidelity WealthCentral®(WealthCentral), the industry’s first Web-based. Basic Browser Troubleshooting Tips for Fidelity WealthCentral. ®. Quick Links. The following are quick links to the various sections in this document. Symptoms. With Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®, you get that — plus the innovative technology and dedicated service to help you evolve your business.

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This topic explains how to export data from Fidelity WealthCentral. After you export your data from Fidelity WealthCentral, you will be ready to import it into Morningstar Office. Once imported, wealthcentrl will be able to perform portfolio reporting, portfolio accounting, and billing for your clients and accounts.

If you have never imported data into Morningstar Office before, please review the Preparing to Import Data into Morningstar Office topic. Morningstar highly recommends that you begin importing with the help of a Morningstar Import Specialist. If you have never imported from this source before, call the Support team at for more details. Decide weakthcentral you want to export manually or set up an automatic download. Morningstar strongly recommends having an fielity download for Standard Format Wealtjcentral set up.

When transactions are manually downloaded, there is a greater risk of missing data if the entry date is later than the trade date. It is strongly recommended that you export from your custodian on a daily basis. This ensures that daily fixed income prices or other prices not supplied by Morningstar are imported.

For advisors who wish to save the time and trouble of initialization, daily importing and reconciliation, Morningstar is pleased to offer the option of outsourcing these tasks to our Back Office Services team. If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact your Client Service Consultant.

This section describes how to export data files from Fidelity WealthCentral. The following fidepity are covered:. How do I contact Fidelity WealthCentral? If you are new to Fidelity, contact a Fidelity Representative at Fidelity can also help you set walthcentral your profiler, which is used for automatic daily downloads.

You can also reach a Fidelity rep by filling out this form: What file types do I need from Fidelity WealthCentral? When you download data from Fidelity WealthCentral, you will receive the file types as shown in the following table:. All files from Fidelity can be downloaded to one main folder to import from. How do I install and authenticate the Wealtucentral Profiler Service?


The WealthCentral Profiler Service must be installed in order to perform scheduled and delivered exports. Wealhtcentral ensure there is no impact during the opening and closing of the market, all exports ARE NOT available between midnight and 6am, 9am to 10am, and 3: The Profiler Service will not deliver the exports if your computer is turned off at the scheduled time.

Log into Fidelity WealthCentral. Once installed, you must authenticate your login credentials and then re-authenticate them on a regular basis. The system does not notify you automatically when the re-authentication is required, so you should make a note of when this must be done.

Although the token has a 90 day expiration, Fidelity recommends that you re-authenticate your login information every 60 days. Your directions may differ if you use another operating system. Start the WealthCentral Profiler Service by doing one of the following: The authenticated User ID and its certification expiration date wealthcentra, time display. The Profiler log files are turned on automatically when you install the Profiler.

How do I setup an automatic download for Fidelity Wealth Central? You must install the Fidelity Profiler Service on your computer if you want to use the scheduled and delivered export, which downloads the files straight to your computer each day.

That process is explained below.

Fidelity WealthCentral – Log In

You can still set up a scheduled download without the Profiler Service; the files will just be generated on the website each day for easy download. Hover over Export to view the sub-menu. From the Export sub-menu, select Standard Format B. The Export Standard Form B wizard opens. From the Enter Criteria step, ensure that all Export Types are checked.

This is the correct setting. Enter an Export Name that will identify the daily download i. Click Next to move to the Choose Filter step.

Depending on the browser you choose, the Next button may not be visible. From the top section of the Choose Filter wealtycentral, select your Group. Contact Fidelity WealthCentral to learn how to create a group. From the middle section of the Choose Filter step, select your filters.

For each field, the default is No Filter. Click Next to move to the Create File step. From the Create File step, you have 2 choices. The Profiler Service must be installed. Set the File Path for exports wealthecntral download to, and. Set the time of day that you want the exports to download.


Click Next to move to the Verify step. From the Verify step, review all wezlthcentral for accuracy. This is a recap of the previous three steps in the wizard. A confirmation message opens. Close and Exit the export window. Be sure you are on the Export Status tab.

If you only scheduled the exports, you can click the Download File link for each row wealthhcentral appears; however, if you used the schedule and deliver method, the download should be ready in your designated folder on each scheduled day.

How do I manually export data from Fidelity WealthCentral? To manually export data from Fidelity WealthCentral, do the following: Enter an Export Name of your choosing. From the bottom section of the Choose Filter step, select Transaction Date. From there, enter your start date in the From field and your end date in the To field. Morningstar recommends that if you choose to do a manual export, you should download the files everyday since historical balance files are not available and positions and price files are only as of the most recent business day.

Exporting Data from Fidelity WealthCentral

To view the files immediately, click Run Export Now on the confirmation message. This brings you back to the WealthCentral page.

To view your files at a later time, you can click Close and Exitbut you will need to return to step 19 to complete the export process. Under the Action column, wealthcengral the Download File link for each row that appears. After you successfully download the files, navigate to the folder where your Fidelity WealthCentral files are stored and verify that the correct files were downloaded based on the table. Now that you have exported your data from Fidelity WealthCentral, you are ready to import it into Morningstar Office.

Handling Warnings in the Import Blotter.