Fagor Washing Machine parts – repair your Fagor Washing Machine with a Washing Machine spare part from Currys Partmaster. Worldwide and Next Day UK. Free Download, service manual, user manual Fagor 3F Search: Fagor 3F in our database for free. Click to go to view Fagor 3F search result.

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This is used when you are not at home, for example, to delay the spin until you have arrived so that creases are not caused by the clothes being spun and then left in the drum. From the 7th to 18th attempts the maximum unbalanced limit allowed is g and the fi nal speed is less than the nominal speed, for example a 1, r. Drain Hose 19mm x 22mm Length 2.

Fagor 3F-111 Washing Machine Spares

You can login to do that! Door Your washing machine Congratulations on having opted faogr a modern, high-quality domestic appliance manufactured by Bosch. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock!

Press the select button to display to required option. This file is downloadable free of charge: Washing machine Instructions for use Washing machine Instructions for use Introduction Please read these instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the washing machine.

Fagor 3F Washing Machine Spares | BuySpares

These free programs can be found on this page: When the function is deactivated, the washing machine continues the programme, draining and spinning. Used in machines with variable spin; makes rotating movements when washing and spinning. Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance!


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Instead, contact your nearest service center! Intensive Wash This option, specially recommended for very dirty or stained garments, gives better results by lengthening the wash cycle. Red Use this universal hose to connect your washing 3c to In the future it will benefit by its failure-free operation More information.

Dear Customer, We hope that your product which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through. All the water, drainage, mains and earth connections comply with local standards and other applicable standards.

Time delay 3v Time delay selection key A delay of up to 24 hours may be selected.

Washing machine Instructions for use VT D2 Introduction Please read these instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the washing machine. Recirculation pump Doubly connected electrically operated 1111 Re-circulates the drum water for greater wash effectiveness and reduced programme times.

Takes the programme to the final position 0. Drain Hose 19mm 3v 22mm Length 2. This identifies information or circumstances that may cause personal injuries or death. Do not add gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents or other infl ammable or explosive substances to the wash water since they produce vapours which may ignite or explode. Good luck to the repair!


It is necessary to configure the circuit before starting the machine. Selecting the More information. At the beginning of the programme the circuit detects that the door is not closed Washing machines with PTC door lock: In order to detect it, the following must happen: Changing to another programme also cancels the delay.

Childproof Lock is on.

This file is downloadable free of charge: Has instant door opening KG. Heater in operation key-lock Indicator. Dear ustomer, We hope that you get the best results from the product which has been manufactured in. Caution, risk of danger.

Český návod pro Automatické pračky FAGOR

It is a suitable programme for a technician making any operational checks. The model you have selected has more 3g one serial number which may mean that some parts are serial number specific and therefore may 3 multiple times in these search results. Heater in operation key-lock Indicator More information.

Detergent drawer with compartments I, II, Drum. Pressing the SPIN button changes the value of the parameter; the possible values are limited to the circuit s hardware reference and the selected KGs.