Danny Reinberg, PhD. Terry and Mel Karmazin Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular. Fax: () E-mail: [email protected] Lab website: Keywords: Epigenetics, Transcription, RNA Polymerase II, Histones, Non-coding RNA. Jan 1, Danny Reinberg has broken down everything from transcription up and criticized his colleagues for using the term “epigenetics” too loosely.

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Significant advances have been made in multiple fields that touch on epigenetics Free shipping offer applies to direct website purchases by individual U. Click here to inquire. Click here for more information.

In many biological processes the regulation of gene expression involves epigenetic mechanisms. In this new edition of Epigenetics, 36 chapters written by experts in the field introduce and explain epigenetic effects from many perspectives.

Danny Reinberg, PhD

These include the varied molecular mechanisms underpinning epigenetic regulation, discussion of cellular processes that rely on this kind of regulation, and surveys of model organisms in which epigenetic effects have been most studied. The original chapters have all been rewritten and brand new chapters cover topics such as the structure, function, and dynamics of histone-modifying enzymes and histone-interacting proteins.


Other chapters address chromatin remodeling, DNA methylation, siRNAs, and gene silencing; X-chromosome inactivation, dosage compensation, and imprinting; and epigenetics in microbes, plants, insects, and mammals.

How epigenetic mechanisms act in cell division rfinberg cell type specification, and reinverg errors in these pathways contribute to cancer and other human diseases are also considered, along with the importance of epigenetics for induced pluripotency and reprogramming.

In addition, new chapters describe the involvement of epigenetic processes in epigenetic inheritance, neuronal development, metabolism and signaling, rreinberg to the environment, and long-range chromatin interactions. A series of short essays highlight important recent discoveries.

Epigenetics: Medicine & Health Science Books @

All the chapters provide conceptual illustrations that help readers understand epigenetic control. The book is thus a benchmark text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on gene regulation, as well as an essential resource for scientists interested in this rapidly moving field.

All chapters are written by prestigious researchers and are nicely organized Its breadth of topics makes it a compulsory item on the shelf of every lab that is closely or remotely involved in epigenetic studies. Special Offers Classic Titles on Sale.


Gray Expanding the Epigenetic Landscape: Thomson, and Peter J. Driver or Passenger of Epigenetic State?

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Epigenetics, Second Edition

Baylin and Peter A. Audia and Robert M.

Campbell 36 The Necessity of Chromatin: Epigenetics, Second Edition Subject Area s: