I found this PDF on Dragonborn ecology and was wondering, despite being dated from , if it’s still a good guide to how. I’ll accept that’s probably because the dragonborn are somehow inherently boring to me, though, rather than due to any flaw with the article. Dragonborn (also known as Strixiki in Draconic; or Vayemniri, “Ash-Marked Ones “, in Tymantheran draconic) were a race of “The Ecology of the Dragonborn”.

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But they wanted to release a book titled Races of the Dragon. Basically the dragonborh information is their entry in the PHB, not much else exists in 5e for them currently.

Log in or sign up in seconds. This world be great on RPG. Nu-wa’s body was essentially that of a mermaid or centaur, only dragon-based. I liked the article on the warforged and the Wolves of Maldeen more.


I wonder if that means we’ll be seeing a draconic power source eventually. The amount of pages put out for 5e is tiny compared to 4e or 3. Do not suggest, promote, or perform piracy. My guess is that someone else thought much like you and said “lets take those guys and make them better. And then the most agressive, prolific, and adaptable race would spread so fast and kill off most of the other erect primates.

Within the game itself, the evolution of the Dragonborn race was discussed in “Ecology of the Dragonborn” by Chris Sims:. Ecology of the Dragonborn up. This article is mostly dren as far as that goes, but the breath feats are moderately interesting. Before I was all “Shrug. Submit a new link. Sign up using Facebook. These were either 5 races, or a single race with 5 variations, all created by magically corrupting the eggs of the metallic “good” dragons.


Originally Edology by Dragonbait. Last edited by bosssmiley; at There are several other creatures in mythology that have vaguely dragon-like features, but none that I can find that exactly match the description of a humanoid descended from dragons. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Want to add to the discussion? This is so wierd.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Possible Modern Inspirations If you’re looking for more modern, strictly Draconid, inspirations, there are a few of those as well: I figure your time would be better spent with a system you enjoy.

They meditate tye a full day and night, their head filled with reminders of all they are giving up. Originally Posted by Isomenes.

And it couldn’t be over a certain height and keep a very human appearance bone and muscle structure. It was the first story to show Draconians as anything other than cannon fodder in the armies of Takhesis.

So they needed a third option for dragon-people. Also note our banned subjects list.

Do not attempt to call anyone out. Third Edition pushed the draconic humanoid further, starting with a new look and feel for kobolds, as well as half-dragons. The draconic or half-dragon templates could handle that, but were considered rather poor.


They had been hinting at a relationship between kobolds and dragons for a long time, so that was easy enough, and the association of dragons with sorcery had been firmly cemented, so the spellscales made sense, but neither of these was the iconic, big, strong dragon-man that readers were likely going to expect. I couldn’t really find any material on this kind of stuff from 5E.

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Her upper body resembled a beautiful woman, yet her lower body resembled that of the Chinese dragon. There are a few possibilities, but all of the earliest ones come from Chinese mythology.

They were the foot soldiers in the armies of Takhesis, the 5-headed chromatic dragon basically a re-skinned Tiamat that is the main villain of the War of the Lance. It seems to have been successful: Killer Croc – Batman’s infamous villain who resembles a humanoid crocodile was introduced in Batman Any chance of a direct link to the Dragonborn one?

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