Hi All! So I’ve recently discovered this beautiful little Duruflé piece. However, I can ‘t seem to track down the score anyway. I did some research. Stream Duruflé: Chant donné by öder from desktop or your mobile device. Some time ago I landed on this site in the midst of a discussion of “the most beautiful organ pieces.” Durufle’s little known “Chant Donne.

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The first Vichy awards were given on May 16, Despite the mayhem, De Gaulle walked forward up the aisle to the high altar where the service was to begin. Pretty much all Durufle’s organ music, except for the Soissons carillon, is published by editions Durand. The church’s effort to rid itself of banal secular influences and reappropriate the music proper to its worship began deep in the early years of the nineteenth century, and even earlier.

I’ll be playing it this Sunday. Any chance that you might make the scanned copy available to others. Because the Vichy government took music seriously for its propaganda value, it generally restricted its awards to composers who upheld the conservative, antimodernist, and pro-Catholic sentiments of the regime.

It spent a considerable amount of money to relieve the severe unemployment in France, awarding a total of eighty-one commissions throughout the war to composers needing financial incentive to produce new works.

This is the second point that needs chaht be made about choral music in this biography. The music of the church has been influenced, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively, by shifting sociopolitical and cultural forces.

At the age of 10, he entered the choir school at the Rouen cathedral, where he studied piano, organ and theory with Jules Haelling. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. His performing career was ended by an automobile accident in May that left him virtually bed ridden until his death in The performance took place at Salle Gaveau. And though that link is generally appreciated at a superficial level, it has not adequately been explored in studies of French organists from the early twentieth century, a period in duurufle church’s history when that link was beginning to dissolve.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. And though his musical and spiritual imagination were vast, they were not prolific.

The Choral Music Specialists

Some considered him an always worried, pathological perfectionist. Inhe was appointed to the position of organist at St. A whole generation of today’s organists who had been his students benefited from this evolution. His overall purpose was to develop in his pupils an aesthetic of the beautiful, and was not limited by preparations for the year-end competitions.

Excerpts – Maurice Duruflé: The Man and His Music

While it is difficult and ultimately fruitless to argue style, his was elegant and lyrical while hers durulfe rhythmically intense. On Saturday, August 26,the day after the liberation of Paris, well over a million people lined the parade route from the Arc de Triomphe to Notre-Dame Cathedral. They donee rushed to a hospital in Valence for emergency surgery, but it was vone equipped to treat them adequately. In this way, his work bears the attribute of luminosity universally attributed to it.

He had the great fortune to spend his entire life singing and playing chajt architectural masterpieces from the middle and late gothic, and early Renaissance periods, in the three cities where he lived all of his life: In so doing, he not only brought to full flower the modern implications of the Solesmes method, and introduced the sacred and the secular into a unique accommodation of each other, but he was thus the last great partisan of a movement which, though it looked to the past, could be called progressive and even revolutionary.

The war had ended by then, and a new French government had replaced the Vichy regime. She told him that she played it in D-flat major instead of D major “because it made the large stretches in the left hand easier to manage.


The difference that each made to the other was incalculable, such that neither could have made as profound an impact alone, outside of their alliance. Members of the congregation threw themselves to the floor, or tried to hide behind pillars, or under chairs. The French organist has therefore felt torn by a divided allegiance: Louviers, Rouen, and Paris. What he opposed was the way he felt the French clergy disposed of the past, demeaned their congregations, and introduced trivial musical fare into the liturgy.

Died June 16, in Paris, France. There were countless ordinary church choirs in Paris, to be sure, which were lackluster by comparison.

The single piece most responsible for establishing his fame worldwide, it continues to enjoy frequent performances in the West and the East alike.

But during the Vichy era, when the Nazi-run government befriended the church, that ecclesiastical music, in an durfle turn of events, won the favor of the government, which deemed it not only beneficial for French culture, but appropriate for a country on its knees after the humiliation of national defeat.

Though short as to physical stature and retiring by nature, he had the disposition of a great man. He adhered to the typically French tradition that was observed at the Conservatoire, insisting on a rigorous observance of the rules of technical harmonic writing, and urged his students to do their work away from the piano, so as to train their inner ear. By the time he began to flower as a composer, the Solesmes method had superseded all earlier efforts and had been authorized by papal edict.