Results 1 – 30 of Mathématiques Physique et Chimie MPSI PCSI: Corrigés ENAC Mines by Classes prépas MPSI, PCSI: DUBARRY-BARBE Jean-Pierre. Results 1 – 20 of 20 ELECTROMAGNETISME OPTIQUE – Classes prépas MPSI, PCSI, PTSI – Exercices et DUBARRY-BARBE Jean-Pierre, FREY Antoine Physique exercices et problemes corriges 1re partie: Antoine Frey; Jean-Pierre. Results 1 – 30 of Mathématiques Physique et Chimie MPSI PCSI: Corrigés ENAC optique classes prepas mpsi pcsi ptsi: Jean-Pierre Dubarry-Barbe;.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Registered as a Newspaper No. Specially prepared for use as an analgesic in childbirth As occasion demands, a ” Brisette ” may be placed between the folds of a handkerchief, crushed and given to patient with instructions to press it over her mouth and nose, inhaling deeply.

The following letter from Mr. The excellent display material you sent along with the books for distribution have undoubtedly made a great difference to our sales. I hear nothing but praise from the customers about your Condition Powders and, having a dog myself, have always used your powders so can safely recommend them. Please enclose further supply of books. You can obtain equally prompt physlque with a Bob Martin Window Display. Fully half the people who pass your windows are dog owners, and they buy where they know their needs can be met.

Theirs is a regular custom, for Bob Mirrin Advertising is teaching them to use Bob Martin preparations regularly. Throughout the autumn and winter, the powerful Bob Martin advertising campaign will continue at full pressure. Link your pharmacy with ” Bob Martin ” by means of window displays and so reap the full benefit of the biggest advertising udbarry ever promoted for a dog medicine. In five minutes you can make a display which is certain to double your sales of Bob Martin preparations.

If you would like to receive display material as soon as it is issued, ask to be put on the Bob Martin Display List. Deliveries will be made in Dublin within a few hours of receipt of your phhsique, and within 24 hours to the remainder of the Irish Free State.

Display Material and copies of ” Bob Martin On Dogs ” will be forwarded at any time if specially requested. S For the last year, we have been dubrry with re- quests for a larger bottle of Maclean Brand Stomach Tablets. Here it is — a generous five-shilling bottle containing three times the quantity packed in the two-shilling size.


Give them the line they ask for. Please send carriage paid on Window Display Bonus Terms. The Dried Yeast is of two grades: Samples and Prices may be obtained from: Round imtarnishable ‘Platinum-tone ‘ vanity case, with mirror, puff and sachet of powder P. Tliese COTY sets are perfect in every detail.

Tlie inside of dubqrry box Is of wltite ivory composition, which insures cleanliness, and tlie powder recess has teen so devised as to prevent tlie powder escaping and soiling tlie Phyique.

Square vanity case of imtarnishable ‘ Platinum- tone,’ fitted with unbreak- able mirror and including phsique, compacte and puff. A beautiful oblong Set, made of untarnishable metal ‘ Platinum ‘ finish, to hold loose powder and lip- stick.

Piperacece, a perennial woody pmsi, a native of and cultivated in India and the East Indies. White pepper is produced by removing the outer skin from black pepper. Long pepper, Piper hngum, also cultivated in the fore- going territories, is an inferior variety rarely used in England nowadays.

The spice is one of the oldest. It was extensively used by the Greeks and Romans and phyysique one of the chief trade com- modities throughout the Middle Ages.

Until the advent of modern merchandise such as sugar, coffee, and cotton, it formed probably the largest cargo on the seas. An instance of the value set upon pepper is that of mpdi siege of Rome by Alaric, King of the Goths, who demanded inter alia in the ransom from the city, 3, pounds of pepper.

When Venice and Genoa flourished as City States, they owed almost their entire wealth to commerce in the spice. India also produces Aleppy and Mangalore peppers. Cultivation is largely in the hands of natives. Regarding other sources, considerable changes have taken place in recent times, many former pepper plantations being taken over for the production of rubber.

Muntok, Penang and Lampong are amongst the principal varieties in commerce and the main port of shipment is Singapore. The first was one of the earliest, the third is one of the latest sources of supply. Dubaarry was formerly used, but is not mpi employed to any appreciable extent, phyisque medicine.


It is, however, sometimes a constituent of veterinary remedies. Pepper 4 Anadin, Ltd. Anodyne Compound Tablets vi Association of Manfg.

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Infants’ Preservative viii Barnett, Jack L. Bulk Chemicals iv Beechams Pills, Ltd. Loader Page Benger’s Food, Ltd. Foods 30 Berdoe A Fish, Ltd. Hot Water Bottles xvi Blackie, R. Spun Ointments i Blythe, W. Chemicals iii Bob Martin, Ltd. Dog Remedies Cover Box, W. Christ- mas Perfumery 17 British Celanese, Ltd. Mazda Lamps 28 British Xylonite Co. Halex Toothbrushes phgsique Burall Bros. Books 24 Burrough, James, Ltd. Laxative Products 29 Calvert, F. Cachet Machines, Pyshan Points Tea.

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Snowfire Jelly ‘ ii Hampson, Fredk. Pharmaceutical Products ii International Bottle Co.

Full text of “The chemist and druggist [electronic resource]”

Elasto may be relied upon to give satisfaction. Full particulars, Showcards, and Leaflets on request. Wanie Blades 15 Kent, G. Brushes 14 Kirg, J. Window Dressing Papers 24 Lightbown, J. Brisettes Cover Macleans, Ltd.

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