Point Omega has ratings and reviews. David said: Yes, for sure, in this slender little volume (especially in the first half), you’ll find Don D. Point Omega: A Novel [Don DeLillo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brief, unnerving, and exceptionally hard-hitting novel about time. Don DeLillo’s spectacular career seemed to have reached some kind of omega zone almost 20 years ago. After the red-hot streak of “The.

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The man assumes they are academics, film critics and doesn’t understand why they leave so quickly. The signs are there: He currently lives outside of New York City.

The people who can speak in this manner are privileged to live their lives as children. That’s how I read this book, checking out the sentences, cocking my head, blinking, re-reading them, and marveling at his huge looming boulders.

I tell you now, with only my small Goodreads library and 40 years of reading experience, that Point Omega will win no awards. Sometimes you need to a let a character break wind or talk about how much he laughed watching Paul Blart or something. Consider me the Bizarro David MK. Anderson further remarks on the novel’s style: I do believe it would have been a solid three-star or even a four-star rating if I had read it, but I know I’ll never take the time to find out for certain.

It got under my skin. Don’t you have some grandkids to go play with or something? Audio book experiment failed. And then there’s the blank, arid conversations that don’t really say anything, but are hailed in some quarters as a sign of this writer’s depth? You need to know things that others don’t know. Despite the aforementioned problems. But the real quarry here isn’t the solution to the mystery so much as the anguish and anxiety it arouses; feelings that, again, circulate back into the book’s larger political themes.


According to the Scribner catalog [1] made available on October 12,Point Omega concerns the following:. Elster is an ideal of that amalgam: Both novel and film are a reminder that it’s “impossible to see too much”.

DeLillo’s sixteenth novel, Point Omegawas published in February, It is rather confusing, having this something leap out of Nothing, but then Nothing descends again covering everything in blankness. Instead, I believe Point Omega is a book most appropriately called a ‘filler. This was truly beautiful, I almost cried. Richard Elster, seventy-three, was a scholar – an outsider – when he was called to a meeting with government war planners.

The book announces, in effect, that the author has had an idea that needs for some reason to be put as a novel — but employing fiction in such a spare way that it is only the novel’s freedom of invention and narrative that matter. Finley and Jessie carry on what may or may not be a weak flirtation. Trivia About Point Omega.

Point Omega by Don DeLillo: review

This book does not lend itself to easy explanation. Elster’s job in the Pentagon was as a post-modern theorist who thought he could create new realities by creating new phrases to describe them. No documentary, no backstory, no answers, nothing about Elster’s employment. The former makes films, the latter language that transforms death and chaos into ideas acceptable for public consumption.


There is a deluge of this kind of stuff on the market. This is a book that is as hypnotic, if sometimes baffling, as watching the hyper-slow Psycho.

An excellent nugget of thought-provoking fiction that pits life against art and emotion against intellect. We and the characters are pulled away from the omega point, when time slows down and understanding is complete, by the people and action around us.

DeLillo seldom explored in much depth as a younger writer.

Point Omega by Don DeLillo: review – Telegraph

If you do, then you better be a damn good writer. This page was last edited on 13 Augustat When DeLillo’s career is over, this book will not measure into his top 10, maybe not even the top half. War conceptualizers, poit filmmakers, intellectuals.

It’s written like a Haiku a noted theme in the novel and proves not only experimental, but also goddamn boring in the process. In my opinion they transcend everything, all their thoughts focus on what they should do, like an alternate universe, but they do not stop here, the book gives a vibe of those things being done; you live in the same time the present, the future and the past.

So maybe Don DeLillo can still win me over.