D-Link DGL User Manual. Section – Configuration. The setting can be selected to allow the DGL to choose the channel with the. The following instructions for setting this up depends on whether you are using View and Download D-Link DGL – GamerLounge Xtreme N Gaming Router Wireless user manual online. Gaming Router. DGL – GamerLounge.

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Each virtual service that is created will be listed at the bottom of the screen in the Virtual Server s List. Policy button to start the Access Control Wizard. The address of the SysLog server that will be Address: It may take seconds to connect to the wireless network.

Using a power supply with a different voltage rating than dgl4-500 one included with the DGL will cause damage and void the warranty for egl-4500 product. Refer to page 66 for more information regarding wireless security. Click to reboot the router. All most common or a created Inbound filter.



Click Save to save your entry. Restore the default PIN of the router. If the connection fails, please verify that the security settings are correct.

Wireless Security Setup Wizard Automatically:. A solid light indicates a see next page. Make sure the firmware you want to use is on the local hard drive of the computer.

The WEP key must be exactly the same as on the wireless router. Click on Browse to locate the firmware file to be used for the update. Some older cable or DSL modems may require you to set the port speed to 10Mbps. Configure Wpa-enterprise radius 6.

An Ad-Hoc network contains only clients, such as laptops with wireless Cardbus adapters. The traffic counter will reset if the device is rebooted. D-Link delivers the performance you need at a price you can afford.

Only – Select if all of your wireless clients are Actual data throughput will vary. If you are using third party software to set up Wi-Fi Protection, carefully follow the directions.


The key or passphrase must be exactly the same as on the wireless router.

The status light on D-Link router is flashing what is it indicating? Routing Enter the destination IP address or network address.

Configure Wpa-personal psk 7. Click Upload to complete the firmware upgrade. WISH supports overlaps between rules.

Click to add the rule. Do not plug anything into the Internet port of the D-Link router.

D-Link DGL-4500 – GamerLounge Xtreme N Gaming Router Wireless User Manual

Wireless Installation Considerations 1. Enter a maximum idle time during which the Internet connection is maintained during inactivity. Displays the WPS status. Any settings that have not been saved will be lost, including any rules that you have created.