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Germany remains a bulwark in the fight against losing our banknotes — as many a surprised visitor to Germany has learned after finding out after a hearty meal that the restaurant doesn’t accept plastic cards. Otte’s principled stands is against the abolition of cash in the German economy.

While he wouldn’t do a business deal with Trump, said Dr. This is where Reibling agreed — we are all being forced, through lack of realistic alternatives, to take investment decisions that we otherwise might not take.

Skip to main content. Home Features Opinion Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie erraten…? Your editor joined Dr. His book, Der Crash kommt, accurately predicted the financial crisis arising from US sub-prime, while his call to invest in stocks in April has proved equally prophetic. There is strong resistance in Germany to what is seen as a pernicious trend to make all transactions traceable by the feds, and we strongly support Dr.

In the great German spirit of hiking, or ‘wandern’, up hill and down dale to reach our destination, we didn’t quite sing “Die Gedanken sind frei”, that great German song of protest against oppression and censorship. Earlier this year Dr.

Hands off our cash! Otte, Reibling believes that when that moment comes, we’re still better off in hard assets like real estate than just having cash in the bank.

One of the perks of editing a publication like REFIRE is the opportunity it affords your editor to hang out with people who have an uncluttered view of the future. But we felt inspired and liberated by the sentiment. Otte’s initiative in making even a small stand against the inevitable. Back to Search Results. Tags Donald Trump Prof. Trump may be our best hope for world peace, he said, on the strength of his willingness to engage privatinvsstor Putin.


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Their relationship with their crystal ball, tea leaves, tarot cards, goats’ entrails or other favoured form of divination helps them steer an unerring path through the most turbulent cross winds, knowing what’s likely to emerge on the other side. Naturally nobody in Europe wanted to publish his thesis. Otte, he would have voted for him if he’d got his US voting documents together in time. As a free thinker and an opponent of oppressive state intervention, one of Dr. When he got a teaching job as a professor in Boston init was on the strength of his arguments that the euro would prove to be a political and economic disaster.

About Us Privacy Policy Imprint. Cash in the bank.

Max Otte, a business school professor in Germany, independent fund manager and publisher of the stock market newsletter Der Privatinvestor. Lrivatinvestor a rise of more than 1, points since then, the Dow Jones looks like it’s already started. If companies like his can’t hold out prospects of lucrative profits to their investors, they can at least argue for the wealth-preservation characteristics of real estate over the near future.

Max Otte Hillary Clinton.

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He likes to describe his investment style as adhering to the purity principles of the Reinheitsgebot, like a good German beer, and favours quality stocks, bonds and physical gold. Trump and Putin, teaming up to collectively to fight ISIS, is something that Trump privatinbestor mentioned in most of his stump speeches, and may yet prove ver be a critical alliance, Dr. The charismatic Reibling, a German privainvestor has built Taurus into a global real estate powerhouse from its Boston headquarters, with offices around the world, referred to Trump’s history as a real estate man, “as against a cowboy running for president, of whom there normally are no shortage compared to real estate guys.


The world economy is on life support, and has been since the onset of the financial crisis nearly a decade ago. Otte, who has dual German and American citizenship, has an enviable track record of predicting key financial events.

Otte is an economist drawn to the teachings of the ‘Austrian school’, and as such your editor took an instant liking to his ideas some years ago. The stock market will embark on a spectacular rise as companies gear up for a home-grown expansion.

Otte on the penultimate leg of his series of marches to the Kanzleramt — from Werder an der Havel to the Brandenburg capital of Potsdam — a 22km stretch through wooded walkways, along lakeside towpaths and skirting ex-East German military installations. Otte organised a series of marches — more like lengthy day-long hikes – with the ultimate destination being Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin to lay down a mark of official protest.

In real estate, the next eruption is not around the immediate corner, and there may be three to four more good years ahead — but at some point these good times are over, and investors will need a new plan. It may have been unfashionable to propagate such views, but Dr.