est de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT 5 El Test de Habilidades Mentales Primarias “PMA” (Thurstone, ) Test de Aptitudes. Diferenciales. TEST DAT (APTITUDES). Updated 29 May Transcript. TEST DE. APTITUDES (TAD). VIVIANA GONZALEZ DIAZ. ORIETTA NORDIO PONTIVO. Documents Similar To Test Aptitudes Diferenciales. Presentación-interpretación Manual Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT. Uploaded by. Javier Salcedo.

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Being focused on thinking, imagination and fantasy, high scorers generate many ideas and theories and are often creative. Cuestionario de personalidad para adolescentes Schuerger, J. F -Test 16 P. They tend to be artistic and refined in their interests and tastes.

Primary Factors — Definitions.

When the sixteen primary traits were themselves factor-analyzed, they revealed five Global Factors which describe personality at a broader level. Baremos en decatipos para adultos, varones, mujeres y ambos sexos reunidos. Social Boldness H ———————————————————————————.

Emotionally diferencialds, intuitive, cultured, sentimental. They find speaking in front of groups to be difficult, and may feel intimidated when facing stressful situations of an interpersonal nature. Calm, stable, mature, unruffled. That is, because they are comfortable, they may be disinclined to change or push themselves.


They tend to be proper and conscientious, and conform to conventional cultural standards. Shy, socially timid, threat-sensitive, easily embarrassed. At the extreme, they may not be effective in situations where they need to function independently or where others are giving poor direction or advice.

Cattell ; autores viferenciales manual Mary T. Carefree, enthusiastic, spontaneous, energetic. This is often indicative of intellectual ability, but is also related to educational level.

Trabajos Trabajos Elegir re mayo marzo enero diciembre noviembre junio marzo junio mayo marzo enero diciembre noviembre junio mayo febrero enero diciembre noviembre octubre septiembre marzo febrero Tough, realistic, logical, unsentimental. High scorers are attuned to sensitive feelings, and thus are empathetic, sympathetic, and tender-minded.

Extreme scorers can be so aptihudes in thought that they can be absentminded and impractical. This may be because they lack internalized standards or simply because they follow unconventional values. They tend to be easy-going and expect fair treatment and good intentions from others, and to tezt trusting relationships. They enjoy spending time alone and prefer to rely on their own thinking and judgment.


Extreme deference can disappoint those who wish for a more forceful or participating response from them. They tend to be reserved and cautious about involvement and attachment.

However, they may be sensitive listeners, who are more aware of risks in situations. They tend to take life in stride and to cope with day-to-day life and its challenges in a calm, balanced, adaptive way. They tend to focus on practical, observable realities of their environment and may be better at working on a specific solution than at imagining possible solutions. Relaxed, placid, tranquil, patient.


They tend to have a lot of drive, to be high strung, and to be fidgety when made to wait. They tend to prefer being around other people, and enjoy social groups and working in teams.

Low scores can also result aptitudees a range of problems affecting concentration and motivation. They tend to have an intrinsic interest in people and they often seek situations that call for closeness with other people.

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Extreme scorers may seem flexible and spontaneous, but they may also seem unorganized, unprepared, or undisciplined. Socially bold, outgoing, gregarious, adventuresome. Extreme scores may reflect an impulsive or unreliable quality.