All the course materials are online and free! Here is the link to the course page: ; Some of the software. This course is the largest of the introductory programming courses and is one of the largest courses at Stanford. Topics focus on the introduction to the. View Notes – Course-Information from CS A at Stanford University. a short course reader of some 35 pages teaching the most basic of.

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Please be advised that courses’ policies change with each new quarter and instructor.

Required Software for CSA To write code and create programs, you need to install software to do this. The web address to find all the assignments for this course is http: Any information on this out-of-date page may not apply to you this quarter.

This is the course web site from a past quarter, Spring What I recommend for doing that is simply keeping reder with the course and matching the time scales between assignments and putting the right amount of work in. I mentioned earlier that copying is not allowed at Stanford.

SEE CS106A – Programming Methodology (Fall,2007)

Now I’m interested in programming!! Stanford recommend you download and install their version of Eclipse which includes some of the libraries you need to sc106a with the course.

Home Textbook Handouts Pair Programming. Do not attempt to disguise any code that is not your pair’s own. Grades follow this pattern: Complete all assignments and do them well.

Strings Mehran Sahami Mehran Sahami. You are expected to follow the Stanford Honor Code. If you are a current student taking the course, this is not your class web site, and you should visit the current CS A, Summer class web site instead.


The books were written by a Stanford CS professor and targeted directly for this course, and it makes a useful supplement to the lecture and section presentations. For those who are not, you need to keep yourself motivated.

You wont be rewarded with a certificate, but you will get rewards in that your skills will increase and you will become better at programming.

CS 106A: Programming Methodology, Spring 2017

Programming Methodology teaches the widely-used Java programming language along with good software engineering principles. The Loop and a Half Problem Lecture 7: There are 7 assignments on CSA with each of them increasing in difficulty.

Although you will learn Java as part of the course, you will be using the language in a way that you learn how to write code and how to create good programs. Any information on this out-of-date page may not apply to you this quarter.

Please take steps to ensure that your pair’s work is not easily copied by others.

PasteBin, DropBox, web forums. Importance of Private Variables Lecture Karel is a simplified version of Java that introduces you gradually in to the basics of programming. But another resource never hurt anyone!

CS A: Programming Methodology – Textbook

The recommended programming time each week is about 10 hours as well as another 3 hours of lectures. Handout Information Lecture 2: However, we recommend that every student either owns a copy or has convenient access to a copy. In your file’s comment header, list both partners’ names; also cite all sources of help, including books, web pages, friends, section leaders, etc. An Interface Lecture Topics focus on the introduction to the engineering of computer applications emphasizing modern software engineering principles: Karel and Java Lecture 3: If you need help solving an assignment, we are happy to help you.


At the end of the day, you are cheating yourself if you decide to skip over them. Do not give out your assignment solution to another student outside of your pair.

CSA Lecture 1 Notes – DevFright

Array Mehran Sahami Mehran Sahami. Introduction to the Standard Java Libraries Lecture Having a course at Stanford or any college or university helps keep you motivated because you have deadlines.

Students can purchase the textbook from the Stanford University Bookstore, which is our recommended place to purchase this textbook. I decided that where from I left my programming I started again bcoz of an easy way of teaching of it.

Please take steps to ensure that your pair’s work is not easily copied by others.

coyrse Grading — Not too Relavent When students at Stanford submit assignments they are graded out of a possible 8 options with a 9th option of a zero if nothing is submitted.

It is available for both OS X and Windows. In Conclusion I reeader that you keep up with the lectures and try your best to study as though you were a student in a class. Mehran Sahami Mehran Sahami. Some of the earlier assignments might be done quicker than 10 hours and some of the later might take significantly more time, but the average you can expect to spend on CSA weekly for the next 2.