CROQUIS: : ELEUTERI SERPIERI: Books. Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri (born February 29, ) is an Italian comic book writer and illustrator, sketchbooks, such as Obsession, Druuna X, Druuna X 2, Croquis, Serpieri Sketchbook, Serpieri Sketchbook 2 and The Sweet Smell of Woman. Due to the interest in this series, Serpieri has also published numerous sketchbooks, such as Obsession, Druuna X, Druuna X 2, Croquis, Serpieri Sketchbook.

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Februar in Venedig geboren und ist wohl einer der bekanntesten Comiczeichner in Italien und dem Rest der Welt. Nach seinem Abschluss versuchte er um als Maler sein Brot zu verdienen. Trotz guter Kritiken wechselte Serpieri um in die Comickunst.

Ihr indianisch, maskuliner Touch hat einen fesselnden, erdigen Charme. Diese Nuancen, weg von den Ideal-Klischees blond, lange Beine, usw. Morbus GravisMorbus Gravis 2: Serpieri selbst spielt in der Saga ebenfalls eine “kleine Rolle” und “erscheint” in den Comic als beratende Figur “Doc”.

Letztere steigert Serpieri crosuis weiteren Alben, die neben seiner Arbeit an Drunna erschienen.

Doch im Zuge der Liberalisierung in den ern wurden diese Alben endlich unzensiert neu aufgelegt. Raised in Rome, he attended the local art school and was taught by such famous painters as Renato Guttuso. After his graduation he tried to earn his living as a painter around Despite good reviews, Serpieri switched to comic art around The stories were published in the magazines Lancio Story and Skorpio. InSerpieri’s most famous creation was born: The embodiment of a man’s dream.


Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

With curves like they cannot be more erotic and blessed with a backside that can only be described as “ass” – vulgarly but accurately. No other person is capable of staging the seductive female back-ends like Serpieri and putting them on paper as skillfully as he does.

Druuna certainly has all the typical proportions serpieru an idealized male desire – and yet the character Druuna is not a one-dimensional decal. Her Indian, masculine touch has a captivating, earthy charm.

She is rightly, one of the dream women of adult erotic literature. The Druuna albums have sold over a million copies in more than 12 countries. Eight albums include the bizarre, erotic, sensual and powerful science fiction horror saga “Morbus Gravis”.

Serpieri himself also plays a serpieru role” in the saga and “appears” in the comic strip as an advising figure “Doc”. Serpieris Saga is a alternating bath of emotions.

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

On the one hand, she tells of a longing quest for esrpieri and serpiefi by the heroine Drunna – and this in a post-apocalyptic world in which a dangerous virus transforms people into mutated monsters. On the other hand – which probably contributed primarily to the great success – Serpieri uses this scenario to “spoil”the hard-boiled reader with ruthless orgies of violence and taboo sex inlays.

The latter increases Serpieri in other albums that appeared alongside his work on Drunna.

The albums “Drunna X 1 and 2” present Druuna openly, taboo and very clearly in new perspectives and alternative scenes, which would probably never have been released in the commercial albums Morbus Gravis.


The crouqis “The Sweet Smell of Woman” is both an intimate diary with stories and drawings from Serpieri’s life and work, as well as an ode to women. Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri is one of the best European comic artists and his work – also on the well-known French series “Blueberry” – is outstanding.

His style is recognisable and unmistakable; his skills in painting technique, layout and anatomy are masterful.

In some countries, such as the USA and Germany, the serpierk publications of “Morbus Gravis” had to contend with officially prescribed censorial interventions.

Although Serpieri himself had already taken himself back, many pictures were simply rearranged by publishers or provided with black bars. But in the course of the liberalisation in the s, these albums were finally reissued uncensored. A rumor has it that Serpieri used a secular template for his character “Druuna”.

In the album Anima or “Druuna Zero” was released in and is a late return to his most successful figure. Serpieri refrains from continuing the story, which began inbut offers 66 masterfully drawn pages of a story with no words whatsoever, showing a somewhat older “druuna” with blond hair. He combines single set pieces of his famous universe srrpieri a homage to Moebius and the founders of the “Humanoid Associes”.

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