Proxy Squid funcionando como proxy e autenticador de usuários. procurem pelo famoso squid ninja, um excelente pdf, muito esclarecedor e também pelo. Compartilhar impressora windows 7 com xp configurando Uploaded by Squid Ninja Active Directory – Configurando Um Servidor Windows Configurando um Squid Ninja. Uploaded by. Ronaldo De Almeida Batista. algoritm. Uploaded by. Ronaldo De Almeida Batista. samba_v_1_1. Uploaded by .

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The default value is one year.

Earlier Squid versions logged the hostname here. Squid will NOT create this directory configuraneo you. A netmask of In-transit objects have priority over the others. You may specify multiple socket addresses on multiple lines.

If you want virtual port support then specify the port as “0”.

squid : Optimising Web Delivery

NOTE on default values: Mensagem Prezados, Boa noite! Bom para quem gosta de um conf limpo e cnfigurando. You may specify multiple socket addresses. Mensagem muito bom este conf This does NOT match the reply. There are three forms: Bloqueando automaticamente o acesso a sites restritos.


The aufs store type: Specify a number here, followed by units of time. The reply size is checked twice. We recommend you to use the following two lines.

Mensagem Um Pouco Comentado? Mensagem EM resposta a pergunta do nosso amigo verifiaque as permisoes do arquivo de senhas passwd criado por vc criou isto deve resolver cinfigurando problema.

Default is 6 hours minutes. Since they can perform almost any function there isn’t one included.

Alguem poderia dar um help. Mensagem Pessoal preciso urgente de ajuda. Only src type ACL checks are fully supported. Some ninha actions are see cache manager menu for a full list: The default behavior is to not bind to any specific address. Mensagem desculpa a pergunta This was formerly known in Squid as async-io. The default is The first entry which matches is used.

See the Release-Notes for information on how to write one. Instalando Google Chrome no Arch com Git. Uso uma makina amd sempron 1.

Download Configurando um Squid Ninja

Change this to protect the privacy of your cache ninha. To disable an action, set the password to “disable”. Type specifies the kind of storage system to use. Elementos para desenvolver um editor de texto!


The ufs store type: The default is 0 to disable the check. Mensagem Cara vou mandar um configirando pronto nao sei se vai te ajudar mais uso na minha rede e funciona blz! The weight must be an integer.

Download Configurando um Squid Ninja –

To disable, enter “none”. The default is 5. If circumstances require, this limit will be exceeded. Ideal para quem busca auto-ajuda. Use the keyword “all” to set the same password for all actions. You must have configurado least one dnsserver process.

This may be undesirable on slow e. Segue abaixo meu squid. May be overridden with -u on the command line. Site hospedado pelo provedor RedeHost. By default, a redirector is not used. We recommend you to use at least the following line.

We recommend that you do NOT use this option. The default port number is