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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The G1 M Newspaper Edited arte! Many of the aimed security po- lice puled out during the nightun- der threat. In Zakhoi, the Iraqi security po- lice and phundotfaesmen who in recent daw had strutted the streets in acaikxnatcd riuw of ppwor were- mostly out of right Friday.

Most adults re- indoocs, although some lied pres- ence. Ther e were no allied checkpoints, controlling access to the town, and. The new Wnlco win also take account of the growing economic and technological strength of countries in the region, and the need to deter potential conflicts between -than, analysts said Friday.

Stability is consid- ered vital if East Asia is to continue to outpace the rest of die world in. Instead, Washington is proposing wihanrgd contribu- tions to common security from regional nations, especially Japan and South Korea, through increased military spending, military cooperation with other countries in- cluding more regular defense exercises, and routine access for U. Ford Jr- deputy assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. Baker 3d said Friday that Load had faded to give all the responses he needed to continue trying to pul together an Arab-lsraeli r peace conference and that, as a result, he and Preadent George Bush would have to reassess their next steps in Middle East peacemaking.

On Ins departure Iran Israel, Mr. Tutwikr, issued a statement dictated by the secretary that left the unmistakable impression that Mr. Baker was highly unsatisfied with the positions adopted by Mr. Sbantir on the question of how to convene a peace conference in which Palestinians could attend.

Israeli officials, for their part, hurriedly briefed reporters traveling with Mr. Baker before they left Jerusalem, giving them a fist of responses that Mr. Levy had given Mr. Baker, which they masted demonstrated flexibility on Israel’s part The Israeli responses involved some minor concessions on procedural issues but not on any key points of substance dividing them from the Arabs, who, up to now, have not pubfidy shown any more flexibility than the Israelis.

Baker left Israel, the government offered an important clarification of its position, saying it would not allow Soviet co-sponsorship of the proposed conference. Phgal Gold Mm got support from two research teams. The art awkef has crane alive n g orfi after the retreat of he speculators. Coal miners oo strike Friday near Novokuznetsk, in the southern Urals.

Across tbe Russian Republic, about 50 million workers staged Pages Fronce 9 s By- Howard W. Guyana, Colombia, Haiti and comUiies as far away as Gbhu: Ethnic division, if onsanctioned, is everywhere in evidence. Legionnaires and other French soldiers congregate in their own raucous bar, where few dark-skinned residents venture while most other chibs are either exchtavdy French or operate on an Informal ethnic rotation, BrariKan one night.

Recently, graffiti slogans proclaiming the virtues of tbe National Front, France’s far-right anti-immigration party, have sprung up. Baker left the prime minister’s office after being called and informed of the death of his mother, Bonner Means Baker, who was 96, he was asked by reporters whether he was coming back to the region for another peacemaking swing, as his aides hinted Thursday.

Then, referring to tbe Israelis, he added: Miss Tutwiler elaborated in a statement that she said was personally cleared by tbe Secretary.

The first-quarter decline hr the annual me of tbe gross national product was 18 percent. This re- flected weakness in consumer, business, and government spend- ing, in housing investment and, most worrisome, a Tbe government also reported a 5J percent increase in inflation.

Although this seemed an alar min g rise from tbe previous quarter’s 18 percent rate, most economists dis- missed it as the product of one-time rises in exrise taxes, government pay, and the pass-through into oth- er goods of higher oil prices, which haw since retreated.


Most rises were bundled early in the quarter, and the consumer price index actually fell in March. The Fed is Ukdy to move cau- tiously during a heavy calendar of U.

Treasury bond offerings early in May. The most that was expected was a deal for Germany not to raise rates in exchange for U. Bush would be wasting his time if he did.

The guardian of Germany’s cur- rency warned his colleagues that the industrial world was short of capital to rebuild the former Corn- Failing GNP U. The consensus forecast of main- stream economists polled by the Blue Chip Indicators newsletter is for the recession to end by June. If that turns out to be correct, it would mean a recession of about a year in length, which is average for the telefonicz period.

Full text of “International Herald Tribune , , France, English”

The National Bureau of Eixmomic Research, a private research organization, an- nounced Thursday that the com- mittee of economics professors that officially defines U.

It would provide a way of bring- ing Japan and Germany, now ex- cluded from the United Nations Security Council into the global kriaotL-maltiog process on politi- cal events. He noted that at the moment, the G-7 was used for political consulta- tion only once a year, when the heads of government at the eco- nomic summit meeting, accompa- nied by their foreign and finance ministers, issue a political state- comutap supplementing their econom- ic communique.

Telefknica G-7 also functions through four or Gve regular and special meetings of its finance ministers and central bankers to discuss mac- ro-economic problems.

One such session mil take place in Washing- ton on Sunday. Officials have been searching for a more regularized way of making common political decisions, in the aftermath of die Gulf war, when an extraordinary coalition centered oo the United Nations Security Coun- cil evolved. With the transaction, the Post and the Tunes now each own SO percent of the newspaper. The purchase price was not disclosed. Simmons, who will soon step down as president of the Washington Post Co.

Gelefonica, wiB leave for Beijing next week to talk with officials about China’s deteriorating relations with the United States, according to administration officials. He also plans to advise the Chinese of the growing possibility that their privileged trade status with the United States might sot be renewed this telefonjca. President George Bush resist- ed calls for tough sanctions, saying he wanted to preserve a dialogue with Chinese leaders. But relations have worsened recently as various American officials have voiced concerns that China has been exporting nuclear technology to Algeria, plannin g ballis tic- missile sales to Pakistan and Syria and using prisoners in labor camps to cpmutao goods inexpensively for export.

Its most-favored-narion trade status allows China to saw hundreds of millions erf dollars each year by organizations and groups weapons sales and the spread of nudear arms. Congress would then have three months to block a renewal decision.

Most-favored-natioa status — the cornerstone of US. FascdL Democrat of Florida, the teelefonica of the Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Democrat of New York, has introduced legislation that would re- voke the status, and Representative Nancy Pdoa, Democrat of California, telefonida expected to introduce a Ml that would condition rmevral on human-rights im- provements in China.

Dispatch of Troops to Iran: Kohl Pushes the Barriers a Bit By Marc Fisher Washington Past Service BONN — Less than three months teelefonica, the pros- pect of a few hundred German troops being sent to noncombat duties on the fringe of the Gulf war zone in Turkey touched off street demonstrations, a hand- wringing national debate and a surge of thousands of young men applying for conscientious objector status.

This week, when Germany sent several hundred soldiers telefonicca Iran to build refugee camps for Kurds fleeing from Iraq, there were no demonstrations, no televised discussions of the evils of German televonica rism, not a peep from the opposition Social Demo- crats, who stand guard against an expanding Ger- man military role. But only weeks later, the German response to the Gulf war was denounced in Wash- ington, London and Telefnoica as a shirking of responsi- binty.

By not even offering to send troops to the Gulf, Germany, many said, was hiding behind its vinifi cation problems and avoiding standing with its allies. As a Boon Foreign Ministry official explained to an American: We were not Really, relefonica else mattered. Kohl decided, would be different When other Western allies expanded their relief work to northern Iraq, Germany was once again in danger of being seen as a less coutao full partner.


Despite bong in his weakest political situation since before the fall of the Berlin WaQ, Mr. Kohl decided cpmutao push the barriers of Buxtdeswehr action. KohTs inten- tion to seek a constitutional amendment allowing Germany to join in international coalitions like that in the Gulf war was. The German announcement that Bonn wants to be to the Kurds on the Iranian border what the Americans are to the refugees on the Iraqi frontier may be firmer rhetoric than anything the Kohl administration produced during the Gulf war, but it does not mean that the united Germany has yet decided what role h wants its mflhajy tojrfay in the post-Cold War world.

The Social Democrats, who test week won control of the upper bouse of parliament and thus the power to block Mr. The opposition party is far from alone in the belief that almost any war is wrong. The blare of bugles and the the bosun’s pipe mingled in the telefonjca breeze with catcalls from a makeshif t flotilla of protesters in rubber rafts as a convoy of Japanese minesweepers set off to the Mideast, there to join a multinational naval force clearing mines sown by comuutao Iraqis in the Gulf war.

The four wooden-hulled anti-mine vessels and two support ships hardly constitute a telefoniva display of mOitaiy power. Now, because of external pressures and its own emergence as an economic superpower.

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Japan is in the throes of a deep and sometimes painful re- evaluation ot its place in the world. The telffonica of the minesweepers on this bright, gusty spring morning demonstrates vividly that change is in the wind.

Just four years ago. This time, although there is opposition, opinion polls and editorials have been generally supportive. A new breed of internationally minded business leaders and diplomats here teleflnica been pushing hard to make Japan nation take a broader role on the global stage. But the fear that history might repeat itself is still strong, particularly among those old enough to remember World War II and the years of hunger and agony in its wake.

Despite strenuous efforts by Prime Minister To- shiiri Kaifu. Yelefonica now, when the risk of hostile fire is largely past, is the public willing to send military forces overseas. Rafsanjani and other Iranian leaders exhorted the Shiites in southern Iraq to rise against Saddam Hussein but were unwilling to follow through with support for the insur- gents. As a result, reports of massacres by Iraqi security forces in Basra and other cities in southern Iraq have put Cmoutao.

Rafsanjani comutwo the defensive. Critics have asserted that Iran abandoned its responsibility to its fellow. Shiites in allowing holy shrines in Karbala and An Najaf to be desecrated. And the Iranian Air Force, which is now buying MiG fighters from Moscow, is expected to absorb the Soviet-made Iraqi fighters and bombers that sought wartime protection from U.

Now they are being repainted as Iran Air jets, the analysts said. Some of the confiscated Iraqi Air Force planes, like the French-made r-1 Mirages, have never been operated by the Iranians and are most likely to find their way into the commutao arms market, American offi- cials said.

Senior government telefonca are not pre- dicting that Tehran and Baghdad are eager to return to a state of war after having waged one of this century’s most violent conflicts from to Iran’s clerical leadership could be tempted, these officials fear, to feed the in- stability in Iraq. During the uprising last month in Iraq. Iran allowed the so-called Badr Brigades of the Iraqi Shiite opposition based in Iran to enter Iraq and take part in the fighting.

But the brigades were not a match for he ar- mored forces that Baghdad brought to bear on the southern rebellion.