Clubbell 5×5 is an excellent program for all levels of athleticism as it provides different levels of exercise that help you build up your strength gradually. TACFIT FireFighter shares a full body, strength and metabolic conditioning workout with Clubbells. : Clubbell Officially Patented Indian Clubs, Steel Clubs, Strength Training, Workout Clubs: Sports & Outdoors.

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I credit my World Arm Wrestling Championship, right and left, to your clubbells. I bring them to my tournaments. Stimulates more growth and recruitment than in the short, isolated range offered by dumbbells.

A lung-searing, heart-bursting, fat-burning workout for outside-the-box muscle power! Slavic Retro Fitness Craze.

I have to credit my Clubbell Training. When I workou Clubbell Training two or three times per week it improves my cardio for my fight, my grip, and my forearm and shoulder strength for fighting. Clubbell deserves special thanks. The Clubbells will be great for sports such as wrestling, tennis, baseball, softball, golf and soccer.

And we are sure all other sports will be able to use Circular Strength developed by the Clubbells. The parts of dlubbell body we experience strength gains are: At this time, our offensive line coach, Steed Lobotsky all-American lineman from Air Force Academy clubbeell been using them twice per week. Steed loves the clubbells. Their wrestlers were incredibly well conditioned, and literally throwing their opponents off the mats. Knowing that there was more than meets the eye, I investigated.

InI was in the fight of my life against my Russian counter-part in the final match at the Olympics for University athletes, the Universiade, also known as World University Games, held in Montreal, Quebec.

Unfortunately, my opponent was the better athlete that day, and landed me in an arm-bar. In his grip, my arm shattered under the precision force of his technique, as a squelched my pain since making any noise while in a joint lock means that you submit.

Even a grunt equals forfeit. I managed to fight the final minutes hiding my broken limb from the referees to avoid injury clubbbell since if your opponent breaks your limb during a legitimate technique, you lose.

Wrokout silver medal was the most important victory of my career, because it reminded me of the value of connective tissue strength. When your sport involves being able to grip a man and throw him to the ground, the inability to hold anything is career ending.

I had no intention of quitting martial art. In fact, I won Grand National Championships the very next year, and the international championships of the Americas on the following.

Are Clubbells For YOU?

And to prove my methods, 12 years later, I came out of retirement and won the International Chinese Kickboxing Championships – called Sanshou – at the age of 36, with only 6 weeks to prepare for a fighting sport I had never competed in.

Cardio, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and cross-training each were created within the past years. None of these conventional methods are appropriate for combat sports – which are aorkout ultimate test of physical fitness.

As the USA National Coach, I sought out forging a conditioning program that was specifically designed to increase the safety, performance, health and career longevity of myself and my athletes. With my academic background in physical education, I infused modern sport science into this montage of scattered ancient physical disciplines to create a systematic proprietary system to combative preparation.

Starting inI was exposed to kettlebells in the 6 years of training that I did back and forth throughout Russia with the national and Olympic coaches of various combat sports such as Sambo, Boxing, Kickboxing and Bayonet Fencing. They complement each other beautifully, if you like multiple modalities.


This leverage challenge produces enormous neurological force without injury to connective tissue caused by conventional weights. When you lift weights, to increase force production you must add weight. And the greater the wodkout weight lifted, the more damaging compression to soft, connective tissue.

Clubbell Full Body Workout

This is the workouf that conventional weightlifters are riddled with soft tissue, joint and spinal injuries. The more the actual weight rests on the skeletal structure, and the greater that actual weight is, the more that soft connective tissue such as around the joints and the spine itself accumulates trauma. Swinging weight increases torque. Increasing torque increases force production. Conventional weight lifting is restricted to linear increases of force by adding weight.

Superior force production means superior strength conditioning in a fraction of the time and without the litany of injuries associated with conventional weight training. Finally, and most importantly, conventional weight training can only be moved in one or two dimensions. This limited range of motion attempts to isolate particular muscles.

An Ancient Tool For The Modern Athlete

Isolation, however, is a myth long since debunked. The body is composed of an interconnected web: The “inner clubhell contains bone and cartilage, and where it ‘cling wraps’ the bone it’s called “periosteum,” and over the joints, it’s called “joint capsule.

Where that outer bag is tacked down to the inner bag, we call those “muscle attachments” or “insertion points. Steven Levin named Biotensegrity. My focus has been as a basic scientist as I did not want to limit biotensegrity to the narrow field of what I know as a clinician.

Steven Levin, MD www. This increases soft tissue elasticity rather than traumatizing it like one or two dimensional movements in conventional weight-lifting. Soft tissue elasticity diminishes as we age and is primarily responsible for most injuries for athletes and the aging: Moving in three dimension washing the joint capsules with nutrition and lubrication, breaks up adhesions, woorkout off boney profiles abating osteoarthritisand distracts the bones abating osteoporosis.

Conventional weight-lifting equipment cannot do this. Furthermore, all exercises are full bodily intensive: Many of my workshops are full of “baby boomers” who are looking to become pain free, agile and graceful, as well as strong, powerful and fit.

However, my seminars are wlrkout to sold out capacity with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, strength coaches, professional athletes, fitness models and personal trainers.

It can benefit everyone. Most strength training programs focus on enhancing performance and decreasing injury by focusing upon exercises such as squat, bench press, deadlift, clean, etc.

Are Clubbells For YOU?

These may improve general performance, but execute essentially in a one dimensional plane, which can be understood as Linear Strength Training. However, during practice or competition, every sport and physical activity demands movement in one, two and three planes.

Developing tri-planar strength of the prime movers increases stability, enhances injury prevention, multiplies force production abilities and most importantly, stimulates the neuromuscular patterns required of athletes. Otherwise, their performance suffers greatly and injury likelihood significantly increases.

Displaced Center of Gravity: With dumbbells, the weight can be supported by your skeletal structure, as if sitting on top of a column. The Displaced Center of Gravity forces you to keep the weight inside of its proper groove throughout the entire lift.

At times having the weight pull away from you is desirable. For example, many people do not have the shoulder flexibility to do overhead squats. The unique benefits of leverage challenge include a superior training effect. Decreased leverage of the Displaced Center of Gravity translates force more effectively to develop superior grip strength, as well as lower arm, upper arm and shoulder synergy, stabilization and dynamic flexibility.

  IEC 60027-1 PDF

Additionally, Clubbells have specially engineered grip and knob design to provide a perfect purchase for the grip to facilitate easy of utility and maximize your ability to produce force. No other apparatus translates this amount of leveraged force! With Clubbells, your grip is at the end of an extension attached to the weighted center of gravity.

As you go through the range of motion the weight moves in relation to the fixed point of your grip much the same as a pendulum swings from a fixed point. The leverage and the force constantly change position along with the strength of the pull throughout the range of motion creating resistance and stressing your muscles from varying angles.

This gives a totally different dynamic effect to the exercise which is impossible to obtain with any other piece of equipment. The special design of the handle allows minor increases in weight, never overloading your muscles but always challenging them. Micro-Loading Adjustable Grip is a special design function that uniquely promotes constant progress and strength gains.

No other piece of equipment has this versatility! Complex Training Effec t: A Combination Routine is a series of two or more basic exercises woven smoothly together after having mastered each basic component. The Complex Training Effect involves a grinding exercise followed by a similar, but ballistic exercise, or utilizing a ballistic followed by a similar, but grinding exercise. Athletes increase the high tension of the grind or the power of the ballistic exercise or both, and the increases will be greater than if the exercises were performed consecutively.

The performance of a grinding exercise followed by a ballistic exercise elicits a neurological response that enables increased power, thereby creating a greater training effect. The Complex Training Effect augments your neuromuscular system by teaching it to fire at a faster rate.

It develops strength, speed and technique simultaneously. What this allows is for the Combination Routines to be constructed in the ideal way to improve Specific Physical Preparedness for any particular sport.

This is certainly true in contact sports such as wrestling, football, and rugby, but also in tool-using sports such as hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. However, most strength programs overlook hand, wrist and forearm conditioning. Furthermore, medical studies have proven than poor mid-life grip strength predicts old-age disability Journal of the American Medical Association Vol.

In order to prevent injury and perform at extreme ranges of motion, athletes need to train slightly outside the range and depth of “expected” movements. The competitive athlete needs to have these motor recruitment patterns in place to facilitate shoulder synergy for both performance and injury prevention.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body, but unfortunately, great mobility comes at the expense of stability. It is a complex arrangement of structures working together to provide the movement necessary for almost all athletic activities.

Injury can occur when athletes overload these movement limits, often resulting in rotator cuff tears. Conservative Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Forceful, repetitive, or sustained static activities occurring over time with insufficient recovery periods may cause or aggravate Cumulative Trauma Disorders, affecting soft tissue of both musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous systems.

Any sport or job using the arms can be associated with Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Circular Strength Training may be a conservative injury prevention method for those at risk as well as an important prehabilitative and post-rehabilitative tool to those suffering such common sport-related injuries.

The kettlebell is the current fitness industry sensation.