The MicroTiles video display system from Christie Digital is composed of modular 16″ × 12″ ( mm × mm) rear projection cube units that can be built. Multi-award winning Christie MicroTiles have been recognised as innovative in the field of digital display solutions. Christie® MicroTiles® are the original digital canvas, known for amazing image quality, vibrant, true-to-life colors, brilliant displays and any-size.

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Any shape, any size Limited only by your imagination, MicroTiles can be configured in any shape and any size. This is due to the Helmholtz Kohlrausch Effect. With the ultra-thin seam between tiles, you can be assured that all the information you need is visible, with no important content left behind.

Reliable solid-state components, including LEDs rated at 65, hours to half brightness, means no lamps or consumables to replace for more than 7 years! When you need a specific red, it delivers that red; brown — no longer a challenge. The servicing of a MicroTile unit in a display has also been a primary design consideration.

The power and signal connectors are on the rear of the cabinet, and once installed, there is no further need to access the rear panel for adjustments or maintenance.


Pro Audio Middle East magazine. Yes color space CIE Following North America and Europe, the christiw was launched in Japan on 22 April[5] and then throughout the rest of Asia in the months following.

Multi-award winning Christie MicroTiles

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If the highest quality native resolution display is not necessary, then lower resolution video mlcrotiles to the ECUs will be scaled across the display. E Display unit dimensions: Your art will always look flawless. Your logo will never look blurred.

The ultimate canvas for digital signage

With no practical limit to the number of tiles in a display, Christie MicroTiles micgotiles a virtually seamless canvas with an unlimited number of super-fine pixels. Turn on more accessible mode.

This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. This can be carried out without shutting down or dismantling the rest of the display. Crossroads Cnristie View this project. S or S external control unit ECU: Christie is on the leading edge of greener solutions in micrtiles industry.

This self-calibration happens at set up and continuously over the life of the display. The total resolution of the display can be a maximum of the sum of the native resolutions of each tile.


See your ideas come to life, wherever, whenever and however you want. Our radio frequency remote control can be used to navigate menu commands on the On-Screen Display from up to m ft away.

MicroTiles | Christie – Visual Display Solutions

Lower input resolutions are automatically up-scaled to fill the display area, which effectively increases the pixel pitch of the image displayed. Information presented on this web site is continually updated and is subject to change without notice. Required for each MicroTiles display, Christie MicroTiles ECUs make it easy to control, match and monitor each tile in an array to ensure a harmonious display. Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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Limited only by your imagination, MicroTiles can be configured in any shape and any size. If your content exceeds the limit for DVI i.

Retrieved from ” https: Lightweight, modular tiles lock together quickly and easily like building blocks.