The Christie CP digital cinema projector offers full 2K resolution triple flash for 3D projection and built-in support for HDCP and de-interlacing of alternative. Purpose-built for exhibitors, the Christie CP digital cinema projector delivers 22, lumens with a 3kW lamp in a cost-effective, compact solution for flexible. Christie Digital Systems [] for $ – Cp Dlp Digital Cinema Projector at as of Saturday December

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The TPC will extract the files, then provide a list of the current software revisions and the new revisions.

Christie CP2220 DLP Digital Cinema® Projector

This means the show will not only go on, but it will go on brighter and with a lower total cost of ownership, increasing your theater’s overall profitability. The Benefits of Christie Superior Performance Xenolite Lamps More usable hours per dollar Longer warranties allow christis to safely chrietie more use out of each lamp Fewer lamp replacements equals lower cost of operation and less maintenance required More lumens per dollar Less brightness drop-off for more available brightness Less power required thanks to less brightness drop-off Less power required equals lower energy costs and lower cost of operation More stable brightness and reliability New lamp technology provides better arc stability and ignition performance Improved performance with the cyristie Re-aligning the lamp often can minimize this dropoff.

The ergonomic design offers simplicity of use in a robust and reliable package.


This product is no longer available. Some examples would be: The Christie CP promotes longer lamp life, lower cost of ownership and greater reliability than the competition.

New software revisions will show in bold. With this superior performance comes great return on investment.

There should be enough brightness available even at the end of the lamp’s life to meet your specified center brightness requirement. Using the Texas Instruments 1.

Non-optimal conditions would include: Upgrade your 2K to 4K resolution quickly and easily. If a warranty claim is required then prompt action must be taken. This re-alignment should be done at least every time the equipment is serviced. In addition, the Christie CP was designed to allow a convenient field upgrade to 4K, providing you with an additional cp22200 on your investment. Designed for ease of use and maximum reliability with the majority of screens in commercial exhibition, the Christie CP is an all-in-one digital cinema projection solution that is the brightest, highest performance projector with the lowest operating costs in its class.

Add this measurement to all routine service visits.

Christie CP DLP Digital Cinema Projector|Christie – Visual Display Solutions

Extraction with the optional extraction duct requires CFM Frequently Asked Questions How to calculate the amount of light required The basic formula to calculate this theoretical light requirement is: Here is how this is estimated: Chriatie initial drop-off in brightness is mainly due to the reshaping of the electrodes inside the lamp.

Measured at screen center. Upgrade Different Packages Only Recommended. Call this resulting lumen value the “maximum aged brightness.


If you intend on running the lamp longer than the stated warranty then you would increase this percentage. Christie Xenolite lamps can produce remarkable brightness and color consistency with excellent resistance to flicker, ignition difficulty and explosion.

Choices in brightness and power levels offer flexibility for a variety of screen sizes for new and existing theater infrastructures. The future of 4K and High Frame Rate technology.

Download the desired Software Package from the Downloads section at http: Screen size Up to 70ft Understanding this brightness curve will help when deciding which projector and lamp to use. It is NOT recommended to run a lamp in this way. Christie Xenolite lamps are of very high quality and any failure is unlikely. The more frequently this is done, the more light efficiency can be preserved. Xenon lamps operate at very high current or amperage levels.

Christie Cp Import Data and Price to India –

Please see contact information on the back of this brochure. Click Next to initiate the upgrade. How to preserve lamp life with the proper projector operating environment Proper operating environment conditions will preserve lamp life.