Carpophilus freemani Dobson – Carpophilus freemani Nitidulidae, dorsal – Carpophilus brachypterus Superfamily Cucujoidea (Sap, Bark and Fungus Beetles). Dried-fruit Beetle – Carpophilus hemipterus Carpophilus hemipterus adults and larvae feed on the flesh of fruit, esp. those contaminated by fungi and yeasts(4). The chemical basis underlying orientation to fruit and fungal odors was investigated for the dried-fruit beetle,Carpophilus hemipterus (L.). In wind-tunnel .

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Synonyms and other taxonomic changes. The subgeneric classification needs to car;ophilus improved on a worldwide base. A few subgenera could probably be treated as separate genera, while others are no more that distinct species-groups, or are manifestly carpophilua.

sap beetles of Florida – Nitidulidae

Often found at sap flows, flowers, decaying fruit, and fungi. Some species are stored product pests. Colopterus truncatus and Carpophilus sayi are considered to be the principal sap beetle vectors of oak wilt during spring in MN Ambourn et al.


Nitidulidae in Texas oak wilt centers.

Carpophilus lugubris – Wikipedia

Contributed by Jim McClarin on 10 November, – 6: Bugguide is hosted by: Print References Ambourn A. Composition of scientific words Brown R. American Beetles, Volume II: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea Arnett, R.

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