by Cao Xueqin, translated from Chinese by Wikisource Chamber Dream, Hung Lou Meng), originally The Story of the Stone, is a masterpiece. The fifth part of Cao Xueqin’s magnificent saga, The Dreamer Awakes, was It continues the story of the changing fortunes of the Jia dynasty. The Story of the Stone, Volume IV by Cao Xueqin and Gao E The Story of the Stone, also known by the title of The Dream of the Red Chamber, is the great.

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I have wanted to read this for awhile.

Teams of scientists would be peering over this equipment armed with notes and calculations, trying to make sense of the complicated affair. Archived from the original on 14 October It was written sometime in the middle of the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty, and the setting of the story is early in the 18th century.

Foretells good and evil fortune. Cao Xueqin provides a great deal of insight into the Chinese culture of the time in his descriptions of protocol, manners, expectations, and consequences. In fact, through at least half of this first volume, I gave up trying to differentiate characters from one another at all with xuewin few teh, so that they all became something like shifting heads on a hydra. The Virginia Quarterly Review. This, and the handling of the poetry exchanges more generally, may not give that much of a feel for Chinese poetry in itself — a difficult undertaking — but does convey something of stoory significance for the characters.

Among these, the novel is particularly notable for its grand use of poetry. Dream of the Red Chamber ‘ s textual history is involved and complex, and has long been a subject of critical scrutiny, debate, and conjecture. This was true of Plum as well.


Inthree researchers using data analysis of writing styles announced that “Applying our method to the Cheng—Gao version of Dream of the Red Chamber has led to convincing if not irrefutable evidence that the first 80 chapters and the last 40 chapters of the book were written by two different authors.

Other television versions include a Taiwanese series and a version directed by Fifth Generation director Li Shaohong. Two cousins are subjected by witchcraft to the assaults of demons; and the Magic Jade meets an old acquaintance while rather the worse for wear Chapter I don’t believe you need to know much before hand.

Bencraft Joly of the first fifty-six chapters in Penguin, Penguin s Classics Series, Overall, I enjoyed this book. Total page count is 2, Sometimes the air while reading this book gets very thick with all that poetry, making me feel like I was in a jungle with hot humid air that was never intended for breathing.

The Crab-Flower Club – Canada. See 1 question about The Golden Days…. However, the story as a whole is emphatically not a “children’s story” — there are intermittent bursts of shocking violence, morbid cruelty, explicit sexuality among the older charactersand so forth.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Find other titles oc Literary Fiction Fiction Classics. I can’t decide if it is merely a poor stpry or if the utterly dull meanderings in and out of the various humdrum and yawn-inducing social nuances of a wealthy Chinese family are just wildly and fascinatingly uninteresting. A rich family saga, a tragic love story, and a philosophical meditation it is one of those rare huge books in which one can lose oneself completely.

Two of the most prominent Redologists, Hu Shi and Yu Pingbo, claim that the work is at core a tragedy, but also a nostalgia of what was lost, a recognition of why it was lost. She judged from his going off silently to bed that he was shaken and a little unsure of himself.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. There are a lot of characters and the narrative style is alien enough to create resistance to easy reading.


Cao Xueqin: free web books, online

There are a lot of characters in this book. On the reverse, it says, 1. The more I have read this novel over the years, the more I have come to have reservations about David Hawkes’ translation. An abridged translation by Wang Chi-Chen which emphasized the central love story was published inwith a preface by Arthur Waley.

In short, a classic Romantic heroine. It’s filled with sensuous detail of textures, landscapes, colour and smells. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Lin Daiyu yu Bei Jingwang Chinese: In its subject material The Story of the Stone is a far cry from its peers — The Water MarginThe Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West — which are full of politics, martial encounters, and adventure.

The earliest novel of China, written in xtory mid s and charting the rise and fall of a multi-generational household with intimate connections sttone the Manchu Court through a daughter who is a royal concubine.

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The Story of the Stone, Volume I

The Golden Days 2: There are some fascinating little bits. Of the men in the family, the most active is Bao-Chai’s brother Xue-Pan, who is something of a rascal and whose misdemeanours and adventures provide many of the external story elements. This classic novel from the Qing dynasty, considered the greatest work of Chinese fiction, is a brilliant achievement and stiry marvelous read. The names, on the other hand, I should probably warn you about.