Bunyoro: Bunyoro, East African kingdom that flourished from the 16th to the 19th century west of Lake Victoria, in present-day Uganda. Bunyoro was established. Court dismisses case against Bunyoro’s premier “I did not drag the king or kingdom to court. I filed a suit against Andrew Byakutaga because he is in that office. The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara is the remainder of a once powerful empire of Kitara. At the hight of its glory, the empire included present day Masindi, Hoima.

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Hospitality Industry Awards Humanitas H. Royal Order of Chwa II.

About The Kingdom | Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom

Book Recommendations Guestbook Links. The Kingdom Bunyoro Kitara was a very extensive, prestigious and famous at the height of its power. Socially, people were organised in strong clans with the royal clan of the Kings, princes and princesses.

The King held executive, judiciary and legislative powers. His word was highly respected and almost equated to the word from God. Clans would bring food stuffs Ebihotole in turn and each clan had a specific duty to perform for the King.


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For example, Abaliisa clan were the shepherds of the Kings cattle Enkorogithe Abahamba clan were kngdom hunters and body guards Abakumirizi for the King, the Abasiita clan being the artisans and craftsmen and the Bayaga clan were the chief entertainers of the King.

Politically, the King had absolute authority over his subjects.

He appointed the county chiefs Abamasaza to administer each county. Bellow them were sub county chiefs Abagomborozi who were sub-county administrators. These received reports from parish chiefs Abemiruka and Sub-parish chiefs Abatongole. All county chiefs report bungoro him and he in turn reports to the King. Economically, the Kingdom of Bunyoro was the supplier of food stuffs to other neighbouring kingdoms.

Bunyoro Kingdom

The fertile soils of the kingdom enabled people to grow plenty of food for home consumption and the surplus was sold to the neighbouring communities. Barter trade was also common. The people along Lake Mwitanzige Albert known as the Bagungu were fishermen.

Some communities were hunters using nets, knives and spears as their locally made tools for killing small animals while the big ones were killed using well dug deep pits Obuhya. People thus exchanged fish or dried meat Omukaro with food stuffs.


Bunyoro ministers visit kingdom’s former territories in Tanzania

The coming of the Bachwezi introduced the culture of cattle keeping on a larger scale kingrom their long-horned cattle which yielded more milk. Salt processing in Kibiro is still going on up to today.

The Abanyakibiro got their living through the exchange of this salt and fish. The Banyoro also produced a number of wooden items, hides and skins items, palm and sisal items, iron and stone items, pottery and mud items, and many others on economic basis.

These were either sold or exchanged for other items that they needed. His titles, however, are recognised by the Republic of Uganda. In Uganda, the ancient kingdoms and chiefdoms that were met by the colonialists when they first arrived on the continent are now constitutionally protected as regional entities. The total population of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom is between 1, and kingdok, living in-households.