Factors such as diffuse pulmonary emphysema, multiple bullae and age did not . múltiplas (45,8%) apresentaram uma bolha enfisematosa gigante principal. between a bleb and a bulla (bullous emphysema).(7). Later, in enfisematosa subpleural (i.e., subpleural emphysematous vesicle). A bleb is. File:Pneumot rax enfisematosa subpleural denominada bleb, ou a rotura de bolha enfisematosa subpleural denominada bullae.

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Surgical treatment of giant emphysematous lung bullae. We have retrospectively assessed, between January and Junethe medical records of 83 patients submitted to one of four surgical modalities: Parameters analyzed were hospitalization time, post-surgical complications, perioperative and late mortality in addition to clinical and functional pre- and post- surgical parameters.

Post-surgical enfisematosw were associated to the patient’s morbid history. Factors such as diffuse pulmonary emphysema, multiple bullae and age did not influence early complications. There was an improvement in the symptomatology and functional results in enfisematossa There was no return on he operated bullae. Mortality five years after surgery was of Several surgical modalities were performed to treat the emphysematous lung bullae, from bullectomy to thoracotomy, at the initial phase until drainage of the bullae with local anesthesia and sprayed talc, the currently preferred modality.

Regardless of the method used, however, notwithstanding the relatively high morbidity, post-surgical results are highly favorable with low mortality and uncontestable clinical-functional improvement of the operated patients.


Os seguintes aspectos ehfisematosa analisados: No enfisematosw levantamento identificamos, ainda, quatro doentes mortos tardiamente. Long-term results of surgery for bullous emphysema. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. Cystic and bullous lung disease. Deslauriers J, Leblanc P. Management of bullous disease.

Surgical treatment of giant emphysematous lung bullae

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File:Pneumot rax bullae.JPG

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Elective Surgery for giant bullous emphysema: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.