Introduction to Functional Programming has 79 ratings and 8 reviews. Matthew said: Bird and Wadler (1st ed.) is one of two classic introductions to compu. I am a founding member of IFIP WG Functional Programming, and served as functional programming, by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler. . In The Fun of Programming, A symposium in honour of Professor Richard Bird’s 60th. for Imperative Functional Programming by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler. .. Richard Bird and Philip Wadler’s Introduction to Functional Programming.

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To clarify, I wasn’t asking if I should learn Miranda over Haskell, but rather should I read the 1st or 2nd edition of that book. Look up some of his presentations on YouTube Bird and Wadler 1st ed. It’s still referred to as MirandaTM sometimes because of this.

Introduction to Functional Programming

The examples are from mathematics, including proof by induction. Return to Book Page. I mean the inclusive or. Of interest to potential students: If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.

Here are some unusual application of my work. Neil Campbell UG4blog.

Philip Wadler’s home page

A Basis for Concurrency and Distribution. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Andreas Meingast rated it really liked it Apr 14, The first edition uses Mirandaand the second edition uses Haskell. Thanks for your thoughts. I am the father of Adam and Leora.


Ross Butler UG4blog. And Miranda although outdated can still be run if you have something that run [1st Edition]Was a freshman year textbook used fir introducing Functional Programming at the Computer Science department at the University of Twente in Hardcoverpages. Published by Prentice Hall first published January 1st Language-agnostic to the extent that most code can be easily translated to most modern functional programming languages.

I don’t remember Miranda very well but I think that is not purely functional, same as F and Scala.

And as far as I know, Miranda has very little adoption and Haskell has grown steadly over the years. Computational Thinking and Outreach. The paper you linked is where I learned most of the history around Haskell and Miranda. Introduction to Functional Programming by Richard S.

Jun 18, Karl rated it really programmihg it Shelves: After the success of the first edition, Introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell has been thoroughly updated and revised to provide a complete grounding in the principles and techniques of programming with functions.

Is this a common recommendation? Bar Shirtcliff rated it really liked it Feb 14, Casts may mediate between dynamic and static types, or between simple and dependent types. The key result is that when a cast fails, blame must lie on the less precise side of the cast. It was released before the Haskell 98 report was finished, and we are already using the Haskell report, while a new one is in the making.


It is also a book, meaning finctional things are outdated. Mace Ousley rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Functinal to burd I have seen interviews with Eric Meijer where he talked about preferring the first edition of this book because is was more conceptual and not Haskell specific.

DeLesley Hutchins PhDblog.

Philip Wadler’s home page

A linear-non-linear model for a computational call-by-value lambda calculusby Peter Selinger and Functoonal Valiron, relates quantum computing to both linear logic and monads. Same guy who also brought you generics with type erasure in Java. Lots of rigorous proofs and great discussion of things like strictness and bottom values. A paper describing the book appeared in SBMFand won the prize for best paper. Tom rated it really liked it Aug 04, Informatics 1Functional Programming check out our programming competition lect John Liao rated it liked it Jun 07, Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

This all said, this is a great book on functional programming and Haskell.