Avengers in Lankhmar (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure) [Ray Vallese, Fred Fields] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Slayers of Lankhmar · Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Edition) · Rogues in Lankhmar · Avengers in Lankhmar · Cutthroats of Lankhmar. You are here: A Fritz Leiber Wiki & RPG Guide to Nehwon» Fritz Leiber’s Oeuvre » Fiction» Adaptations» Role-playing Games» Dungeons.

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Running a Nehwon Campaign. The Moon is Green.

Avengers in Lankhmar

What’s Lahkhmar Doing in There? Far Reach to Cygnus. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. When the Change-Winds Blow. This sourcebook goes beyond NPCs and locations to include details on the cults and deities of Nehwon, its monsters and unusual races, even its unique wizards and magic. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

Avengers in Lankhmar [Scrolls of Lankhmar]

Adam’s Garden of Evil. Try and Change the Past.


Sheelba of the Eyeless Face. The Night of the Long Knives. People of Nehwon – C.

The path and location of Edals at any time is fixed, but the characters are free to wander the city to look for clues or involve themselves in the many diversions that Lankhmar offers. The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich. A Hitch in Space.

They might well prefer it; the question is, can they find it? Trapped in the Sea of Stars. Swords of the Undercity December CA2: Are you looking for new thrills for your City of Lankhmar campaign? I’m Looking for Jeff.

Lankhmar – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Despite the harrowing danger, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are interested-especially when the Snow King’s daughters make an appearance What’s He Doing in There? At first, they seemed an unlikely pair: He cautioned that running an open system as found in Avengers of Lankhmar “is fraught with danger, as even parties who have found all the clues can easily miss the finale.


Naturally, the simplicity of the mission does not last for long. Diary in the Snow. The city of Lankhmar especially benefits from this treatment. Tags separate by space: The Dreams of Albert Moreland.

The Girl with the Hungry Eyes. Black has its Charms. The Lion and the Lamb. For once, it looked like an easy job, with smooth sailing all the way; but just as the heroes were taking a well-deserved rest, danger struck — in the form of some angry Mingol raiders, a two-headed sea serpent and riderand an army of tiny, implacable warriors. People of Nehwon – M. In the Witch’s Tent. The Foxholes of Mars.