Pacific Opera Victoria Study Guide for Albert Herring. 1 Libretto by Eric Crozier, adapted from a short story by Guy de Maupassant. Read the libretto of the English opera Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten on With links to other information and other operas. Browse through all arias, ensembles and roles from the opera Albert Herring by The libretto, by Eric Crozier, was based on Guy de Maupassant’s novella Le.

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MUM Have you found him? Why was he took; Wherever I look The world’s full of bitter woe. Sit still and be good, dear, There’s a mountain allbert food here. Stop, stop, stop, stop! O spawning-ground of horror! This is where you always go wrong! Dust in the works. How lucky I am!

He’s in the mood to escape if he could. Works for his mother She leads Harry forward to present his flowers to Lady Billows. The Observer17 February SID It’s got a kick like a gun!


All know why we’re here.

Ode ALL Rejoice, my friends, and be exceeding glad! It’s your little Albert!

Albert Herring, op. 39 – libretto

Too many goings on! Albert, say “Thank you! Everyone sits cheerfully at the table and the feast begins among a general hubbub of conversation till the curtain falls. Sid comes back into the shop, chooses a good red apple and takes a bite. Have a nice peach?

Albert Herring Libretto | Britten |

He passes some out to the girls. Our birth-rate rises every week: Sviatoslav Richter called it “the greatest comic opera of the century” [5] and aalbert staged Albert Herring as part of the December Nights Festival at Moscow’s Pushkin Museum.

O spawning-ground of horror!

Bit short, wasn’t it? Bounce me slow Bounce me quick Bounce me to arithmetick! Retrieved librteto ” https: You’ll pay for this, my boy. Watch the bell don’t ring ALL Not long to wait!

A splendid speech, a splendid prize And splendidly deserved! Reeling about, beginning to shout, Disgustingly drunk Albert listens and tries a whistle of his own, then with sudden resolve, stuffs the purse in his pocket, seizes his hat and an old mackintosh, and slips out through the door. Has a greengrocer’s shop SID Come out of that, my lad! After having composed and staged The Rape of LucretiaBritten decided he should attempt a comedy, albeert set in England.


I’ll stand the damage. I’d soon find the wretched boy!

Our birth-rate rises every week: