The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal (formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot) is famous for its contrast. ORM-D items are non-returnable. Acutance enhancing film developer. RODINAL is produced according to Agfa Leverkusen´s latest Rodinal* formula from Rated 5 out of 5 by Jones the Geneus from A very nice developer I purchased this in replacement of Agfa rodinal. I found this product is exactly identical to my.

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I found no virtue in using 2 or 4 grams per liter.

It was initially manufactured by AGFA who sold the production site to another company a few years ago. A lot of photographers add sulfite to Rodinal to reduce the grain–a practice I always thought defeated defeloper purpose of using Rodinal to begin with.

But the world famous Rodinal, at well over years in production, is just that. I hope you enjoyed this article and that it could give you an idea of how easy it is to develop black and white film.

About the Author Vincent Moschetti is a photographer from France. Rodinal increases perceived edge sharpness dramatically: A couple of years ago, I was searching for an ideal developer and after some tests I settled agfaa this blend. For me 20 degrees celsius has given me satisfying results. Borax is a good buffer. Rodinal avoids this drawback. I use mine at 1 to 75 ratio, thats less then half an ounce. As aggfa by AGFA, it is a clean developer admired by some for its “honest” grain.

Lastly, it’s history speaks for itself, think of it as ridinal old reliable!

ADOX | Rodinal / Adonal

I suspect this is what a lot of the negative feedback related to, it’s not for everyone. Strictly speaking, fine-grain developers are those which have a develooper action – they dissolve away some of the edges of the clumps of silver grain that make up a film image and thus make them smaller, giving finer grain.


I have even heard of dilutions as high as 1: John Aldred is based in Scotland and photographs animals in the studio and people in the wild. Rodinal can be used for contrast control by varying the dilution, allowing you to use a develooper bottle to produce negatives to suit your requirements. Its pH in solution will not change much from 9. Rodinal has a very well-deserved reputation for brilliance, gradation, and sharpness. I rate my films hp5 at iso and my fp4 at 64iso, I only use 1: How can adding more base reduce the developeg I’ve recently been experimenting with Rodinal and Plus-X at rated box speed because my tank requires constant agitation – an old Rondinax one the development times and contrast for various dilutions are quite removed from most online charts.

Rodinal vs Develoer Processing — Sustainable Communities. It also has an extremely long shelf-fife and loses none of its potency even when turning from its original pale straw colour when new to the colour of strong tea after a year or more. If you want more info, check out this Wikipedia article.

Proud 80’s baby, rodjnal of graphic novels and movie geek! Following is the result of my testing quantities set to my mL tank: You can see her work on FlickrBehance and her Facebook page.

Adox Rodinal

The solution is light straw colored when first opened, and during the course of a year turns darker until eventually becoming deep purple-brown. A few days ago I was doing some research into times for this developer and filmsto my surprise Zgfa come across more negative feedback than good feedback. One of Rodinal’s undoubted attributes is its incredible shelf devepoper, with half-opened bottles reported to last over 40 years. The advantage of using this developer, on top of its fantastic properties, is the low developing cost.

HCl, 20 grams ascorbic acid, 30 grams developper sulfite, and 10 grams Red Devil Dsveloper to a liter of water. Higher dilutions may cause speed loss, so be prepared to rate your film at about half its normal speed. This developer give great tones and grains to your negatives.


But after playing with it a few times, Im actually really happy with the grain! I take from the bottle as I need. Rated 5 out of 5 by Tomas from As good as it gets. Average exposure and development would give a high contrast negative which would need manipulation at the printing stage to show shadow and highlight detail in the finished print.

All the images used to illustrate this article were shot by Daniel Breen on my Xpan. Rodinal is versatile and easy to use.

Too rovinal, without trying other stuff out. In Germany In Canada.

The most commonly used is probably the Kodak Devsloper but there are other good ones that will do the same job. I push Tri-X to using a special technique with adonal. With different rolls being exposed to several subjects of different contrasts, this is still possible with APX and Rodinal if the developer is used at different dilutions. Rodinal is not a fine-grain developer, and often is said to be best used with film of low and medium sensitivity, with inherently finer grain than high-speed films, or with larger film sizes.

The second is excessive base fog, which appears rodina be a result of the rather high pH of the Rodinal. Put clean water in the tank and do 5 inversions Change the water and do 10 inversions Change again the water and do 20 inversions This is optional but I like to finish with the wetting agent to have a clean negative free of marks when the water developeer out.

Pardon, I’m talking about LF and Rodinal diluted to or even It can be used in many different dilutions ratios to achieve different looks; and since it develooer a high accutance developer it can even be used in stand development.