AF FORM Yes No PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE A and B Member unable to sign PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The. Get the AF FORM ,Pg 1 – Description. OFFICER PERFORMANCE REPORT (Lt thru Col) I. RATEE IDENTIFICATION DATA (Read AFI. 2 Arial 10 bold absolute 13 AF FORM , C:\Documents and . EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE (A and B) Arial 7 plain center absolute.

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The form will reflect the date of the new signatures. See OPR notice for ratee identification data. During the transition period, both old and new versions of the OPR forms will be available. Digital signatures must aaf used for all evaluators and reviewers. The referring evaluator can fill in the specifics in the blank lines provided. Limit text to four lines.

Avoid jargon, acronyms, and topical references-they obscure rather than clarify meaning.

For routing procedures, see Notes 19 and Significant events are things such as AF-level awards or derogatory information resulting in a referral report, not simply additional daily achievements. Unit will be notified via CMS. Unit commanders are in the best position to determine if their unit members meet this criterion. Or Applicable procedures in AFIparagraph 3. Fitness is now one of the Performance Factors being considered.

If that option is not available, the rater may provide clear, detailed feedback to the ratee via e-mail, using a read receipt to verify the feedback was received and read. Forwards reports to ARMS. See Note 9 for referral reports involving fitness. The ratee is fitness exempt only if exempt zf all four components of the fitness assessment. Rater will sign the block. School designation status is reflected on the Officer Selection Brief.


After evaluations have been updated in ARMS, print and forward necessary reports to the MPF, when required, when records are maintained at base level. This feature allows for the fully electronic routing of the evaluation form.

The old versions will be available on the e-publishing web page 70b 90 days after the effective date of the OPR. For those assigned to an indeterminate day deployment billet, use the home station PAS Code. Reviewers assigned on or prior to close-out date, enter information as of the close-out date; if assigned after the close-out date, enter the information as of the date signed. When the form is printed, it will include the front and back side, head-to-foot and will not be altered other than for authorized administrative corrections.

If a correction needs to be made after the form has been digitally signed, then the rater will need to reaccomplish the form. Unlike resident students, non-resident students do not receive a Training Report to document this achievement. Reports closing prior to the effective date will be accomplished on the previous editions of the forms AF Form A and Fork. Select appropriate choice from drop down menu: The corrections can be made and the form resigned.

  IEC 60027-1 PDF

Applies only to the first non-EAD-status report. Additional access points will be determined by local procedures.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Enter information fkrm the position the ratee held in the unit and the nature or level of job responsibilities. Unit commanders may request an extension when officers are required to fitness test immediately preceding the OPR closeout date and fails to meet fitness standards.

Indeterminate day deployments will use the TDY job description. Additional comments are mandatory when: Number of Days Supervision. Remarks about community involvement and additional duties are appropriate, as are recommendations to select for continuation, indefinite reserve status, future job assignments, or the next level of PME. Corm information as of close-out date.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Member is unable to sign if they 707h not have access to a CAC-enabled computer i. This is necessary to show the dates each referral action actually occurred to ensure the report was properly processed. Do not sign before the close-out date. On EAD active duty and reserve and performed duty in an organization other than his or her assigned PAS code, enter the assigned information, followed by “with duty at.