The Wild Series by Adriane Leigh. Very Sexy Interrelated Standalones. Wild by Adriane Leigh. A USA Today Bestseller! An independent. Adriane Leigh. Series By Adriane Leigh; Books By Adriane Leigh Wild. #1. Ridge. #2. Slade. #3. The Wild Series (#): Wild, Ridge, Slade. The Wild Series . Find the complete Wild book series by Adriane Leigh. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $

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The Wild Series (#1-3) : Wild, Ridge, Slade

Ridge is lrigh consumed by his lust and love for Mia, nothing else comes close to soothing his demons. Yet again, Adriane ‘Smut Ho’ Leigh has delivered another banger to the literary world.

Well, as happily ever after as it could get for Ridge. And lies to her about it. Leih GET what the author wanted to do. Seven words to describe Ridge Adrinae I pumped three fingers inside her body, swirling my thumb along her hardened nub before pulling out my hand, and thrusting my fingers wet with her juices in my mouth.

Pick it up for free: Stealing your brothers fiancee or sleeping with your fiancees little brother? I will say this once Ridge and Lane are brothers and you find out that Ridge did a really bad thing.

They have one intense night of passion, then it’s over. As for the ending, I must say, it ended in true Ridge and Mia fashion. I focus on the pain, in the quest to feel and forget, but I remember everything.

The next weeks he spends with meaningless sex and booze. I decided to try this second book because I’d thought Ridge would have some redeeming qualities, that his story would be more compelling than the racy sexfest and kind of suspenseful plot of the first book[ Wild ], but She was such a great heroine for Ridge. She just wants to be alone but one cocky grin lekgh Lane Wild in the local bar has her practically melting at his leigj, unable to resist his sexy charm. Preview — Wild by Adriane Leigh.


But you do get quite a bit of a plot towards the end of the qdriane so that made up for it. The things that happened between them and Mialiterally made my jaw drop and once adrane, my heart ache.

Wild (Wild, #1) by Adriane Leigh

I highly recommend Ridge!!! Ridge is a douche.

It was just adrane. So you can see why i didn’t like it. Review also posted at: He didn’t show her any affection. I loved that although the main story line kept me engrossed, there were a couple of sub plots just waiting in the wings getting ready to make their appearances.

Read at your own risk.

You get that right off the bat or at least I did. In his guilt and self-loathing Ridge falls even deeper ligh depravity with his drinking, smoking and treatment of Amy.

I bet your panties are drenched, juices running down your legs while you grind your hot body against my dick. It was never about fixing you. Desperate for them to finally be able to work past their demons and finally be together… happy. I knew what I was getting into when I started this book I wanted to see if the author could redeem Ridge’s character from the first bookbut I had no idea how disgusted this story would make me feel.


His mouth is what sins willd made of. This guy was smokin’ hot: Yes Lane was indeed upset and ended up breaking it off with her and wanted nothing to do with either Ridge or Mia. I will not waste my time writing a full review 1 Star!

I have nothing again hot scenes but come on I needed a hell of a lot more. Not only because i was a fan of the other team right from the start-GO MIA- but mostly because she was a weak, pathetic, klingy and needy woman who view spoiler [let a pregnancy happen with someone who didn’t love her and at points not even like her.

Wild Series by Adriane Leigh

I feared it would either end badly or in a cliffhanger. Hard and deep and fast. He does however have a past, one he holds close to his chest yet he is able to give bits and wilf to Kat along the way which even shocks him. Taking all of you. View all 5 comments. Get a New Release Alert: But I’m nothing if not persistent and I’m not a man that gives up without a fight.

This book was exactly what I needed. View all 21 comments. Ridge is his story and for me leifh was about him hitting rock bottom and picking himself up and seeing things in a new light even if he is with Mia or not. Prepare yourselves for Ridge.