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Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by View Notes – R Guide for Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots from CIVE at University of Louisiana, Lafayette. ACI R Guide for. The Gold Standard for Concrete. Parking Lot Design. • Goals: 1) Why use ACI ? 2) Basic elements of ACI R 3) To magnify need to use ACI over.

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Do not stabilize the subbase Use integral curb Specify psi concrete Do not use reinforcement Do not seal joints Simple maintanence costs of other pavement systems ac, gravel, pavers made over year span often equal or exceed the initial construction costs.

They are used for storage of vehicles and goods. The rule-of-thumb for maximum joint spacing is 30 times the pavement thickness converts in unit of feet i. Inadequate aaci of backfill material around these structures can result in loss of support for the pavement.

Concrete does not gain proper strength by drying out. Setting side forms and using hand screeds, truss screeds, or other vibrating screeds is another option, and probably the most common. Isolation joints permit vertical and horizontal movement between the slab and any fixed objects that the slab abuts. What is the initial cost difference between concrete versus asphalt? Aside from concrete being long lasting and durable, there are many other benefits to concrete including ease of design and construction; appearance versatility; economic benefits such as reduced energy costs; and environmental benefits.

Cracks typically occur during the first 24 to 48 hours when stresses created by the natural drying shrinkage exceed the tensile strength of concrete. When you leave the jobsite, make sure the owner understands what needs to happen to keep the parking lot in good condition.


For RCC a zero-slump concrete is placed with dump trucks and rolled with heavy vibrating steel rollers. Another option is to use a Laser Screed with a 3-D attachment that can place concrete precisely and rapidly.

The amount of shrinkage and curling of slabs can be reduced by performing proper curing. This means lower ambient air temperatures, less air pollution, and cooler, cleaner stormwater runoff.

Concrete parking lots serve many transportation facilities, industrial plants, commercial developments, and multifamily housing projects of all sizes.

The flexibility in concrete pavement design makes it unnecessary to haul special subbase materials to the site. Pavement durability relies on a good surface layer, freeze-thaw resistance and overall strength.

Do not wait until the next day! When thinking about the conditions a parking lot pavement needs to withstand, imagine a parking lot in Michigan in January, or other areas that are exposed to freezing and thawing, deicing chemicals, and heavy loads. To determine the proper time of saw cutting, operation should not cause surface deformation or raveling along the edges of the joint.

There’s quite a bit of information on the web about concrete parking lots. A 3- to 4-inch-thick layer is placed over a milled asphalt surface. Owners and developers are making the decision to use concrete parking areas in residential, commercial, and industrial projects more and more every day.

Concrete surfaces can range from a broom finish to a stamped surface, where the strength and durability of a concrete slab can show the aesthetic appeal of brick or stone pavers.

Concrete Parking Lot Design, Construction, Maintenance – The Concrete Network

Concrete parking lots aren’t just standard concrete anymore. Whether plain concrete, or colored and stamped, concrete paving technolgy can achieve the look to suit any project.


The pavement designer can use this nomograph and an iterative technique to come up with the pavement thickness based on the subbase strength and the anticipated loads.

Broom finished thin overlays add skid resistance and upgrade a deteriorating concrete surface. 330r-001 comparing asphalt to concrete paving on our current industrial park, we chose concrete. Having proper joint spacing is vital to long-term performance of your concrete pavement.

By choosing a concrete parking areayou are selecting 30r-01 more durable paving material that will require much less maintenance over the course of its lifetime—a considerably longer life than alternative pavements.

Callor email peterzoni capecodreadymix. Simple maintanence costs of other pavement systems asphalt, gravel, pavers made over year span often equal or exceed the initial construction costs. Through its strength, durability, custom appearance, green benefits, ease of construction and return on investment, concrete parking lots and pavements are the best choice for optimal value. Strong, attractive, cost effective, and virtually maintenance free – concrete parking lots are a wise business decision!

Concrete Parking Lots

CCRM highly recommends the use of a quality surface sealer. The best practice for designers is to layout predetermined spacing on the plan prior to construction.

Concrete parking lots shout quality to customers, tenants, and employees, before they even walk through the door. Poor compaction can lead to soft spots that crack the concrete. Reflects three times better than darker alternatives, calling for less ack.

When comparing parking lots to other concrete applications, they are obviously subjected to higher loads than floors. 30r-01