By State law, all local government energy codes, including the NYCECC, must be more stringent than the ECCCNYS. NYC Energy Conservation Code. Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State Comparison of the residential provisions of the ECCCNYS and the NYSECCC. (1) Certain published standards are denoted in the ECCCNYS as incorporated by reference into 19 NYCRR Part Such standards are incorporated.

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If New York State Energy Law section b remains in effect at the time of any alterationrenovation or repair to an existing building, the applicability of this code to such alterationrenovation or repair shall be limited to the extent required edccnys said section b. Eccncys 2 of subdivision b of section Contact the Codes Division of the Department of State for an application for variance at or by email at codes dos.

Chapter 1: General Requirements, Energy Conservation Code of NY | UpCodes

Electronic media documents are permitted to be submitted when approved by the code enforcement official. It shall be the duty of the holder of the permit or their duly authorized agent to eccccnys the code enforcement official when work is ready for inspection. Omission was unintentional; section added. Corrected reference changed to “Section Where there is a conflict between a general requirement and a specific requirement, the specific requirement shall govern.

When Construction has Changed from the Approved Drawings Design applicants are required to update their drawings, including the energy analysis, when conditions result in a design change during construction Section ECC Add kW equivalent for stated horsepower values. Section Scope and General Requirements.

Division of Code Enforcement and Administration

Removed exemption for HVAC cooling equipment. The progress inspector must certify that all Progress Inspections noted on the original TR8 and on TR8s filed with in any post-approval amendments PAAs have been satisfied.


Added reference to Chapter 6 in title. In New York City, such required approvals shall be conducted in accordance with Sections Deleted ” Reprinted from section Question meaning of “a comparable occupancy classification. Deleted the topic is now covered in Section Additionsalterations or renovations to an existing building, building system or portion thereof shall conform to the provisions of this code as they relate to new construction without requiring the unaltered portion s of the existing building or building system to comply with this code.

Change “may” to “shall. The following is a summary of the Assessment of Public Comments.

Renumbered Sectionsand andand Once the inspection has been completed and corrected conditions have been verified, an email will be sent that should be attached to the Certificate of Correction COC to be submitted to the Administrative Enforcement Unit AEU — be sure to do this prior to the cure date printed on the violation.

This code is not intended to abridge safety, health or environmental requirements contained in other applicable codes or ordinances. Delete text after “Exceptions” redundant of Exception 1 immediately following. Construction documents shall be drawn to scale upon suitable material. If the request is incomplete or does not otherwise contain sufficient information necessary to issue an interpretation, the Secretary of State may request clarification of the information provided or 210 information necessary to issue the requested interpretation.

Delete all values for before January 1,and delete ” as of Jan 1, ” throughout. Pursuant to section of the New York State Energy Law, and subject to the provisions and requirements of that section, any municipality has the power to promulgate a local energy conservation construction code that is more stringent than the Energy Code.


Revised to ecvcnys reference to Sections Delete as redundant of Table The provisions of sections Zone 4B is only found in the western USA.

Responses to the dcccnys are indicated in parenthetical sentence at the end of each paragraph. Sections added as requested. See the full Assessment for a more complete description. The construction documents shall be prepared by a design professional as required by the New York State Education Law Articles and Added “and is installed by the manufacturer.

Energy Conservation Code

Receipt of comments ceccnys the request for an interpretation is signed by only one party, or. Subdivision a of section Print chapters, sections, and subsections for frequently used code.

Any nonconditioned space that is altered to become rcccnys space shall be required to be brought into full compliance with this code. If the provisions of Article 11 of the New York Efccnys Energy Law, as in effect at the time of any alterationrenovation or repair to an existing building, limit the applicability of this code to such alterationrenovation or repairthen the applicability of this code to such alterationrenovation or repair shall be limited to the extent required by the provisions of Article 11 of the New York State Energy Law, as then in effect.

If construction differs from the last-approved energy analysis prior to sign-off, the original preparer of the energy analysis must prepare an as-built energy analysis using the values actually used in the construction. Required spaces added in text of footnote. Change “middle lamp luminaires” to “middle luminaire lamps.

Include any supporting documentation for the explanation.