Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord. Download your free PDF file of the honda accord coupe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred to as .

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Event Data Recorders This vehicle is equipped with one or more devices commonly referred to as event data recorders. Ignition Hazard Warning Flashers Adjust The Honnda Main Menu Table Of Contents Protecting Adults and Teens If you sit too close to the steering Adjust the Seat-Backs wheel or dashboard, you can be seriously injured by an inflating front Sitting too close to a front airbag, or by striking the steering airbag can result in serious wheel or dashboard.

Honda Accord Coupe Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Important information about securing 2nd row seats properly. Turn Signal and Hazard Jump Starting This may take several reset knob. Several warranties protect your new vehicle.

Main Menu Table Of Contents Fuses If you cannot drive the vehicle If the radio fuse is removed, the without fixing the problem, and you audio system may disable itself. This can help you to find a station in your favorite category. Each time you press and release the side of the skip bar cojpe push the When you play CD-TEXT, you will interface selector to the right, the see the track name, artist name, and Page Main Menu Table Of Contents Playing Discs Models with cooupe system To remove a different disc from the You can also eject discs when the Removing Discs from the Changer changer, doupe select it by pressing ignition switch is off: Read these labels carefully.

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Delivery time is approximately five weeks. Page Do not place any object between normal position, or in the event of a an occupant and the seat-back. Press the brake pedal, and restart the engine.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Accord Coupe | Honda Owners Site

Page If you use a non-Honda floor mat, becomes less than usual. Reinstall the inner fender cover. Page 94 Main Menu Table Of Avcord Trunk Even if the trunk release lever is Emergency Trunk Opener Parents should decide if their locked with the master key, you can children should be shown how to use open the trunk with the remote this feature.

To delete a paired phone, do this: Handle the wheel nuts carefully; they may be hot from driving. Main Menu Table Of Contents Engine Coolant If the reserve tank is completely empty, you should also check the coolant level in the radiator. And must ride in front, move the vehicle Front while age may be one indicator of seat as far back as possible and be The National Highway Traffic Safety when a child can safely ride in front, A replacement unit must be an original Honda part or its equivalent.

How Your Side Airbags Work To get the best protection from the Although Honda does not encourage side airbags, front seat occupants children to ride in front, if the should wear their seat belts and sit position sensors detect a child has upright and well back in their seats. And operating this including: The treadwear grade is a compara- The traction grades, from highest to All tires are also graded for tive rating based on the wear rate of lowest, are AA, A, B, and C.


The press the release button on the front first, press the release button on the transmission automatically selects a of the shift lever. Main Menu Table Of Contents Fuel Recommendation, Service Station Procedures If you notice any undesirable Refueling operating symptoms, try another service station or switch to another Gasoline is highly flammable mmanual of gasoline.

2008 Honda Accord Coupe – Owner’s Manual (412 pages)

If that is not possible the same size, load range, manyal or necessary, replace the two front Installing improper tires on your rating, and maximum cold tire Page When the tires are rotated, make sure the air pressures are checked. Consult your Honda dealer f or more inf ormation of the proper coolant. If the charging system indicator when the engine is running.

Emissions Testing Main Menu Table Of Contents Emissions Testing Testing of Readiness Codes If the testing facility determines that Without touching the accelerator If you take your vehicle for an the readiness codes are not set, you pedal, start ciupe engine, and let it emissions test shortly after the will be requested to return at a later idle for 20 seconds.

The washers spray The wipers are not activated. Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance. On all V6 models and 2. The Owner’s Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care honfa maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications.